By Josh

Occasionally I post about my hunter, so I thought I would write a little something about my favorite alt. As I mentioned earlier, when Wrath of the Lich King came out, I had stopped playing my Paladin and leveled my 39 twink hunter all the way to 70 with leather working and skinning up to 375. When the day came that the expansion pack came out, I installed it and quickly got to leveling my hunter so that I could raid in Naxxaramas with my guild. After some pain and pleasure, I hit 80 and started to gear my toon out for Naxx.

As soon as we got going in Naxx, I was asked to go back to my paladin and my hunter got shelved for a few months. The only time I really played my hunter was when I found Loque’nahak, and went out to tame her. Towards the end of 3.1, I started to run an alt naxx, and geared my hunter up in almost all Best in Slot hunter gear from naxx, save the surge needle ring and the DMC: Greatness. I was learning the ways of the hunter, and topping the dps charts. Once again, when Ulduar came out, I put my little hunter on the shelf and geared my Paladin for Hard Modes.

About the time that we had Ulduar on farm, I started running an PUG alt Ulduar with the other top guilds on the server. We cleaned up the instance and had Yogg down before some of the main guilds that were attempting him. But, as it was not a guild run and there were very liberal loot rules, I only got a gun and legs.

Queue Trial of the Crusader. This was when my hunter came back in to her prime. Since we clear all of the current content save anub in two days, and ToTC is fairly easy, we immediately started running an alt run to gear ourselves up and get extra 245 loot for the raiders that could not make the main raid. Soon enough, I was one of the top 20 best geared hunters on the server, and held 6-7k dps on any given fight. I am loving my hunter more and more, and I use her to farm with my spirit beasts, just so they get some sort of use.

Finally, for anyone wondering why my super rare spirit beasts are both named wency/wencie, It was a “demand” by my better half that I name my most precious pets after her.

My Hunter and her Pets –


WolfgangSuck – (aka the token 80 Wolf)

Wencie (aka Loque’nahak):


Wency (aka Gondria):


Wencee (aka Skoll):

Pixius (aka Sapphire Hive Queen):


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