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I was never really that good at keeping up with my personal twitter, but I attribute that to the fact that the only people that follow me are my girlfriends friends. I really had no desire to have my co-workers following the in’s and out’s of my life, because lets be honest, facebook has ruined many a career. When ever I sat there and thought about what I wanted to tweet, it was always about WoW, and I knew my followers (aka girlfriends friends) didn’t care to read those updates.

Incoming the Avenging Wrathy Twitter! If you take a look at the bar to the right of the screen there is now a Tweet-adins section, which will have my most recent tweets, but if you want an easy and efficient way of keeping up with the posts, just follow AvengingWrathy and the posts and my thoughts on raiding will be posted in real time!



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