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Progress and Promise

Progress Is Good… Humility is better

Last night was a good night for me, I am still quite pleased with the results of a Wednesday night raid, and that is not a normal thing for our guild. It seems as though the prospect of a server first Anub’arak kill is enough motivation to get people to log on. Now I am not saying that we, the officers, had any disillusions that we were going to rock this guy in 20 attempts, as we have every other boss, but at the same time we have a lot of faith in our group to push this encounter and get it down in a very impressive time frame.

I will have to say that I was faced with a difficult decision last night. We had a raid, we had two tanks, and we had the offer from a non guildy with a block set to help. After much deliberation in officer chat, I admitted that I couldn’t do this alone with out a much longer learning curve, and we brought in a “pug” to help tank the adds. Now when I say pug, I don’t mean that we went into the looking for group channel and picked up the first tank, I more mean a seasoned tank on our server who was a member of the guild that just imploded a week ago.

With three tanks, a smoother transition on add pick ups and a raid stacked with 1 extra healer, we started our night of progress. Tuesday night, our best attempt, out of the 10 we did, was 80%. This was mostly my fault, as I was having a hard time learning the best method of picking up the adds. Last night, we far surpassed that on our first attempt, and only got better each time, with the rare exception of bad luck on adds interrupts.

Who Needs Hit rating? I DO I DO…

The biggest issue that we had last night, in repeating smooth encounters with perfect execution, was the interrupts. Thats not to say that it was the only problem, but from my point of view, and my faults, it was the difference between good attempts and great attempts. On more than one occasion, holy wrath AND shockwave would miss a target and a healer would get one shot. It begs the question, should I stack some more hit on my unhittable set? I am a solid 2% over the unhittable threshold and have the wiggle room to be able to get to about 120 hit. If I do that, I should have a much better chance at stunning all four adds.

My main problem at the beginning of the night was the fact that there is so much going on that I couldn’t monitor the cool down on my DBM bars. Once I repositioned and resized my bars, my interrupts got much better, and I was not missing them completely, just missing the hits landing on the mobs. All in all, if I could have a perfect world, I would have someone on interrupt duty, but that doesn’t seem feasible at the current time frame, especially when the two tanks usually get the stuns off with out a problem. During the learning period of the fight, I am ok with a few misses leading to a battle res, versus the depleted dps from trying to get that kick off in time.

Where to go from here?

I don’t really want to be too cryptic with respect to our progress, as there are plenty of guilds in the world that have anub’arak down, even that have tribute to insanity, but it seems that the race for our server’s first just got a lot tighter. As such, lets just say we got into phase three with some great consistency. With that being said, from a tanking perspective, we just have to keep doing what we are doing, and hope that everything else falls into place. I have been pulling the first set of adds that spawn after the sub 30 to the ice, then once they are in range, I use my Lavanthor’s on use ability, and do my best to manage my damage. I have found that once that on use is activated, the only damage that I am taking is from the leeching swarm. This is good news, as it makes healing me so much easier.

Wish us luck, as we truly feel that we will have this bad boy down in the next one or two nights of attempts. All I can say is that I am very glad that we have had a long drought of 258 tanking gear, because our dps is stellar, and our tanks are doing just fine. You can see it here first, I am predicting sub 40 attempts for a kill. I’ll have to get back to you on whether or not my prediction comes to fruition.


Hard mode is hard, take 2…

My guildies have found the site, whether by their own ingenuity or by the fact that I let it slip on the forums that I have a blog. Needless to say, I am going to have to start bashing them a bit more so that they clean it up!

Anub’arak is a kitten, but his adds can kiss my hairy bean bag

If there is one thing that I can take away from last nights raid, it is that I suck at add management. One add is a joke, two is not to bad, three is difficult, but four is down right impossible for me at the current time. Its not so much that I can not pick up four things, but it is that I can not pick up four things with out them going on the healer, having to turn my back to one of them, get the on the permafrost in time, and stun them. I personally do not even want to see the parses from last nights debacle, but one thing is for sure, I either need a lot of help from my guild mates or I need a lot of practice.


The night as a whole was great, ToTC 25 man normal finally decided to drop the Legionnaire’s gorget, which I passed to our other tank (quite painfully I might add). And, other than that more dps loot! Why do I like dps loot? Well the more dps we can do the less waves of adds I have to pick up on anub and the closer we are to killing him (very far away p.s.). When we went into heroic trial, we hit a small bump in the road during Northrend Beasts, wiping once because we had our main dps dk go frost and tank. While he has picked up a descent amount of tanking gear, I was not ready to see him still sitting in T8 4 piece.

With the beasts wipe behind us, we cleared all the way to anub, not before I picked up a nice 258 Pride of the Demon Lord which easily replaced my Cloak of the Shadowed Sun for my effective health set. Staring at this ugly blue bug, I cant help but use that old gem of a line from Starship Troopers – “the only good bug is a dead bug”

Yeah I know, I know, it has been beaten to death by the WoW community, but I still love that cheesy movie and I cant help but think about it every time I see Anub’arak. On to the fight. After a lengthy explanation about the differences in the fight, and handing out assignments, we were ready for our first pull. I had my unhittable set on, elixirs and agility food, and was ready to go, or so I thought. We pulled, adds spawned, I died.

Don’t turn around!

So I turned around, big deal. Well actually it was, I was taking tons of unmitigated hits, and hating every last one of them. I believe that my problem stems from the fact that I am not properly prioritizing my pick up order, but that was a thought that came to me during the drive to work this morning, not last night during our 10 or so attempts. I was picking up the two adds on the right side and getting misdirected for the two adds on the left. What this leads to is that the two from the left inevitably are behind me when i start backing the adds onto the permafrost. This is the positioning and pulling that I was using last night. The red lines are adds I should be responsible for, and the green lines are adds that the hunters are MDing to me, p.s. I am the Blue Circle (MS Paint Son!)

Old Anub

After a lot of thought, what I would ultimately like to do is pick up the front left and right adds, and have the farther ones MDed to me. What this does is allow me to get to the permafrost as the last two adds are still running at me. The problem that I would run into is that even with the MDs, sometimes the adds would get on someone else. We were stacked up on Anub’arak and still I was usually missing one. In my new strat, I am going to swap which ones I am responsible for and it will look like this…

Anub Pull

Hit rating, What Hit rating?

My second problem came from the fact that I have such an abysmal hit rating that my holy wrath is missing and shadow steps are a plenty. For the attempts where I did manage to get all 4 adds on me, on the permafrost, and good to go, we had one of two problems, the dps was not good enough and i would still have an add or two on me when the second set spawned, or the shadow steps would get off and just destroy some healers. Now we were short on rogues last night, which probably was one of the reasons that I wasn’t getting all four adds right off the bat, and our raid comp was less than perfect, but at the same time, I always pride myself on making up for others.

I really don’t know what to do about the hit rating, and I assume that to continue to wear this set, you have to deal with it. I know my job is not to be the primary interrupter, but at the same time, I cannot help but feel 100% responsible for every wipe last night. The one thing that I can do is improve on pickups and my positioning, however what I can’t do is do everything by myself. Holy wrath be dammed, hit rating be dammed, I will be better and we will kill this bug.

The Death of yet ANOTHER guild

Although progression for progression’s sake is the number one reason that any guild should be pushing the envelope, we as a guild have another motivation for pushing anub’arak as fast as possible. In the past few months, the best guilds on our server have imploded. It all started with Algalon. The number one guild on the server was having a lot of trouble with the concept of quality raid attempts (or so I would assume), and a bunch of their core leadership departed the game for good. As a result, CSM, a top ~100 US guild from Ulduar times was no more. Because of this, the number one Alliance guild (Also at the time top ~100 US from Ulduar) stole the title for best raiding guild and kept progressing.

About a month ago, Awaken, the aforementioned alliance guild, faction transferred to horde, as there are two alliance guilds that are capable of end game progression on our server, and about 7 horde guilds. Recruitment pools are important for keeping hard core guilds together. The started to gobble up all the raiders on the horde sided, and yet they were still having attendance issues. Over the past two weeks, they ended up losing their Protection Paladin / officer to a server transfer, and that was more than likely the last straw. The decided on Monday that they would no longer be a “raiding” guild, opening up the number one spot on the server for who ever kills Anub first.

Now as much as server firsts are only bragging rights, and this one doesn’t get you a title or anything, our guild still has a thirst to prove that with an attempt counter we are better than anyone else out there on our server. We don’t raid as much, as we are a quality over quantity guild, but when we do raid, we are good. Each boss (save Anub) has dropped in less than 20 attempts, and we pride ourselves on that. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our fourth birthday is coming up in 2 days. We are by far the oldest and most stable raiding guild on the server. In the end, I believe that the push on Anub’arak will have special meaning for some of us, and for others just a satisfying kill to a very very hard boss.


What Gear For What Fight?

Ulduar is NO MORE!

A quick aside to the purpose of this post; I am finally free of Ulduar for good unless I want to level another character. Last night we finally took a group into a partially cleared Ulduar to blow up Yoggy with three keepers to get our next mace. Since we did not want to clear the entire instance, as most of us are beyond burnt out of that instance, we got saved to another guild on the server’s instance. Because we stole that instance, we invited a few players from the guild we borrowed it from to come along for the ride for some achievements. After basically 21 manning the instance, and a few wipes on three keeper because our brain blood lust was a pug, yogg was down, we had another mace, and I was a very happy camper.

Gear sets for each boss of the Trial of the Crusader

In response to Amico’s request, I wanted to highlight the encounters of the trial and what gear sets I prefer to use based on my role. After I start to think about this, I have noticed that even the tanks I know that have gear sets often forget to swap them around for different boss fights, trash, etc. Now thats not to say that I am not guilty of this, as my number one swapping error is usually going from General to Yogg. That A’HAH moment usually came around the first tentacle when I did not see heart of the crusader up on my target. Not a big deal for normal yogg, but when you are pushing the encounter with less keepers, the 3% crit really helps. But in the end, what is the point of having gear sets if you don’t use them to the fullest.

NOTE: for the purpose of this discussion, any time I talk about Hard Mode versions of these fights, you can assume that I mean progression fights. So, if you are working on normal mode, and it is a progression fight for you, you should be wearing what I outline in the HM fights. If you have anub’arak on farm on hard mode (mel…), then you can take these suggestions at face value.

Northrend Beasts

Normal Mode: For this fight the most important things that you have to gear for are the impale/ferocious butt and threat on P3. For me the trumping issue of this fight on normal mode is P3 and the aggro that is generated during the stunned part of the phase. My guilds dps is getting to the point where I am having a hard time keeping up on threat between the Ferocious Butt and being knocked across the room on the charges. The impale on normal mode does not hit hard enough that you should have to worry about stacking effective health.

Gear Set – Threat Set.

Hard Mode: For this fight, the amount of damage that you take from unmittigated hits due to Impale and Ferocious Butt are more than your threat set can handle. Needless to say, any fight where you are getting hit for as much as this fight dishes out should require your effective health set. This fight has a great combination of dps and tanking gear checks, and as a result you want to have as much effective health as possible.

Gear Set – Effective Health Set.

Lord Jaraxxus

Normal Mode: There are two different roles that a tank has to fulfill on this encounter, the role of meat shield for Lord Jaraxxus, and off tank or run around and pick EVERYTHING up. For normal mode, if your mages (and to a lesser degree shamans and priests) are doing their job right, then you should have no survival issues on either normal or hard mode. For tanking Lord Jaraxxus, I always wear my threat set. The way that our guild does the encounter, we have our melee dps riding my threat the enitre fight, with the ranged killing the adds. The biggest issue with this is the dps race on the boss and adds. Jaraxxus hits like a kitten, with the exception of his Nether Power, and as such survival is not much of an issue. As for the role of off tank, threat, quick pickups and landing your taunts is the most important part of your job. Because you are only tanking adds, and the pickups and quick burst of threat are important, being hit capped with a threat set is very helpful in doing your job.

Gear Set – Threat Set

Hard Mode: While the Nether Power creates more of an issue on hard mode, and you have a dps race to the portals where every single dps swaps to the portals, Surviving is more of an issue and priority over bursts of threat. Because of the continuous swaps, you will always have a healthy threat lead on your dps. I like to be conservative when it comes to survival on progression / hard mode fights, as there are many things that can cause you do be killed. For these reasons, I always wear my effective health set for this boss fight, with a bit more focus on avoidance (Here is where I am going to lose a few people). I swap out my Heart of Iron for the Ony trinket to give me a bit more avoidance, as I don’t get hit that hard and I still have over 50k hp raid buffed. I find that the less that the healers have to worry about me, the more they can focus on Incinerate Flesh, Chain Lightenings, and the adds damage.

Gear Set – Effective Health / Avoidance

Faction Champions

Normal Mode: This fight is 100% about control and focused dps. I do not swap from protection, and as a result I find that my best utility comes from cleansing, Divine sacrifice, and BoP’s/Freedoms, and above all, lots of taunts. For normal mode, the dps burst from the npc’s is not unmanageable, and dps is the best way to combat this both from the focused dps of your raid, and the amount of damage you can do to the target ¬†you are assigned to distract the npc healers. I like to be hit capped so that my taunts land every time on the target that I am dragging out of the raid, I also like the 2 piece T9 set bonus to reduce the time on my Hand of Reckoning. Luckily my threat set is two piece T8 and T9 for the set bonuses. As long as you are attacking your taunt target, and you have Divine Plea up, you should have plenty of mana to cleanse your entire raid and taunt every time its off cd.

Gear Set – Threat Set

Hard Mode: As taunting is no longer an option in this fight, my main roles in this fight are cleansing, BoP/Freedom, and above all the use of my Divine Sacrifice on cooldown. Because the fights can last up to 20 minutes, the more times you can get your bubble sac off the better. I like to use a modified effective health set for this fight, as the more health you have, the more you will be absorbing by your Bubble sac. As long as you have your four piece T9 on, stack as much stamina as possible. With this, you can mitigate the initial pull’s burst damage on the raid, as well as every 1.5 minutes give the healers some breathing room. Cleanse liberally, BoP on cool down, and keep your mana up and you will serve your purpose for this fight.

Gear Set – Effective Health (4 Piece T9)

Twin Val’kyrs

Normal Mode: As this fight comes with some interesting dps buffs in the form or the orbs and the Light Essence / Dark Essence benefits, threat will be paramount to this fight. Depending on your strategy and the gear levels of your dps, you can be left with very few stacks from the orbs while your dps could be easily pulling 12k. From a tanking perspective, and a threat perspective, I like to compare this fight to Hodir’s threat gimmicks. As a result, producing the maximum amount of threat will help you. The damage that the twins themselves do is not enough to worry about being in an effective health set as they do not hit hard unless they are under the Power of the Twins buffs, in which cool downs can be used if you feel that you are taking too much damage.

Gear Set: Threat Set

Hard Mode: The fight is exactly the same on hard as it is on normal with the exception of the fact that they (both the bosses and their shields) have considerably more health, and the AoE damage is increased a LOT. The damage from the twins themselves is not something that should concern you enough to put on your effective health set, but when you introduce the AoE damage, and the fact that the tanks don’t switch colors during the vortexes, maximum stamina is the only way to go on this fight. While threat may become an issue, as you will have your dps pushing as hard as possible to prevent a 6th ability, your threat should be sufficient in your effective health set if you position yourself to get a lot of the orbs.

Gear Set: Effective Health


For Anub’arak, instead of breaking it down into normal and hard mode, I am going to split it between tanking the boss and tanking the adds. The unmitigated damage from the freezing slash is enough for me to want to wear the same set on normal and hard mode if you are taking the boss. When you get to the point where you are killing Anub’arak on 25 man Hard Mode you can downgrade to your threat set for normal mode boss tanking, but until then, better safe than sorry.

Tanking the Boss: Freezing Slash is all that needs to be said. Threat is a consideration, but not at the cost of survival. The 2-3 seconds of unmitigated damage plus the constant damage in phase three is enough that you should be wearing as much health and armor as possible. I dont really know if there is anything more that needs to be highlighted about this role or the reasoning behind the gear.

Gear Set: Effective Health

Tanking the Adds: I have explained the mechanics behind the adds and their expose weakness debufs here, so I wont get into too much detail on this one. You have to stack as much block value and block rating as possible to try to get to passively unhittable. Even if you do not have the gear set, the more block value and rating you have the better to mitigate the damage. On 10 man Hard mode, if you have an unhittable set, you will literally tank 0 damage.

Gear Set: Passively Unhittable


Lavanthor’s Talisman, It’s about time!

Busy busy weekend, but I wanted to stop by and drop a quick note that I finally got my Lavanthor’s Talisman today. After 28 Runs in Violet Hold, it finally dropped. It got to the point w

here people stopped helping and no one wanted to pug it, but after three manning the instance, and getting the little dog as the first boss, it dropped. And, just in time for Sunday’s raid on Anub with 49 attempts to go. Yeah, I know, we wiped on faction champions, but it was only because I was talking in the tank channel about anub and someone else gave out assignments. Needless to say, the cc was not as clutch as when I usually run the raid.

The Big Bad Trinket

Lavanthor's Talisman

My unbuffed stats…

Final Stats


The effects of Unhittable

My set got used for the first time last night

I wanted to dedicate a separate post to this, because I didn’t want it to get lost in the ranting over my bag space and my crappy wipe on ToTGC. For the 50 attempts remaining fight, I was unsure if my set was ready or not, so I didn’t use it. This actually gave me an opportunity to compare sets. For my first attempt, I used my BiS effective health set which in the 10 man topped off at 50k hp and about 63% avoidance. In that fight, which lasted 5:22 (because of the loss in dps), I took a total of almost 317,000 damage from the burrowers. Once I switched over to my unhittable set, I only took 77,000 damage, and most of that was from my conceding to turning around and running to get them to an ice patch on the second surface phase.

I am well aware that this tactic is not something that I will do on 25 man, as I will be instantly killed, but as I was still testing out the effectiveness of the set from both the blocking stand point, and my survivability with only 36,0000 hp, I wanted to see what I could take, and also wanted to get those pesky buggers over to an ice patch before they burrowed. Below is a snapshot from the two fights. As you can see in the first attempt there was a shadow step as well as the wipe damage from me DI-ing someone and the adds killing people, where as in the unhittable set, everything went smooth, and I took significantly less damage.
Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 8.43.01 AMScreen shot 2009-10-15 at 8.42.23 AM

As for what is yet to come, We are going into ToTGC 25 man this sunday and getting a little help from a world top 50 guild to try and pass up all of the brute force progression guilds on the server. We had two top 100 guilds on our server until one of them imploded, now we are down to one, but it would be sweet, sweet irony if we could beat them to the kill! Here goes nothing with my Unhittable set and tanking four adds at once…


Lack of Bag Space and DPS…

The value of Bag Real Estate is Increasing

Over the past few days I have picked up a few more upgrades / side grades for my tanking sets and I have begun to notice that the value of my empty bag slots is increasing dramatically as they become less and less prevalent. Currently, most of my bag slots are taken up by a plethora of gear, which I use to create different gear sets, however as you progress through the instances, you should technically replace gear in each of these sets, meaning that you shouldn’t really be losing any space. The hard part comes when you have to add a new set to the mix. Currently I have all 8 equipment manager slots taken up, each by a specific gear set, but some of those gear sets are sitting in the bank collecting dust (such as my healing set).

Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 10.50.06 PM

The sets that I carry on my at all times are as follows: My overall set, my threat set, my effective health set, my avoidance set, my Anub’arak set, and my ret set. In addition to these pre determined sets, I carry about 4 extra trinkets, a few extra weapons, and a few extra rings just in case the need arises to swap some gear around. What this does for me is give me the flexibility to gear specifically for any given fight that we see, as well as limit the number of things I can loot at any given time. When it comes to farming and making gold, its not really an issue as I do that on my hunter and deathknight.

What else do I carry around with me?

I always have each of the following on me at all times, and when i drop below my comfortable minimum, I restock them. I have 40 indestructible potions, 400 symbols of kings, 20 flasks of stoneblood, 20 flasks of endless rage, 20 elixirs of defense, 20 elixirs of mighty agility, 40 blackened dragonfin, 20 haste, mana, and health pots, a simple grinder, a Jeweler’s Kit, an alchemists stone, my chefs hat, and my argent crusader’s tabard. Honestly, I may be missing somethings, but that is what I remember having in there. When I get home tonight, I will post a picture of my bags.

When all is said and done, i usually have about 12 open bag slots using 20 or 22 slot bags. Compound this by the fact that you immediately pick up four stacks of biscuits and a healthstone and you don’t have much room for anything else. I am just really glad that we don’t have to carry any resist sets. Really this mini rant about bag space came from the realization I had last night when I looked at my bags. I am back to being a “real” tank. Back at level 60 when I was the main tank of my guild, I usually had around 6 open bag slots, with all 18 slot bags, and in those days you really didnt have the luxury of having gear sets, because you got your tier gear, and that was it. I had my tank set, my pve dps set, my pvp set (as I was an avid pvper, and made it to rank 12), my fire resist set, my nature resist set, and some novelty weapons that looked cool from BWL.

In the end, most tanks have a lot less bag space than others because of the gear that they have and the gear sets that the use on a daily basis. I find that for non progression instances (e.g. anything but Trial of the Grand Crusade) I swap gear sets on almost every pull, especially in a place like ulduar. From trash to bosses that hit “hard” to bosses that are dps checks, I am altering my gear sets to the encounters. Luckily in ToTGC, I have two gear sets, effective health for the first four bosses, and my unhittable set for Anub.

Tribute to Insanity…

Speaking of Anub’arak, my guild did two 10 man ToTGCs last night and I had my first opportunity to try out the set that I have been talking so much about for the past few weeks. Our first group got Tribute to Insanity, and the tanking cloak, which was good news because our other tank who will be on Anub for 25 man HM this week got the cloak. And although it is not perfectly itemized for that fight, as the armor is severely lacking, the stamina is there to completely compensate and it looks to be BiS. Our group was not so lucky. We got to Anub with 50 attempts as usual, and as usual, one of the interrupts was off and my holy wrath resisted that mob, the dumb luck was on our side. We were down to 9, but we got the battle rez off in phase 2. Everything was going smoothly, we pushed the boss to sub 30, I had both the adds off the ice, I got the shadowstep and they burrowed. Then something happened.

Our hunter died, which was our only source of MS. At this point we were hovering at about 5% hp on anub. If we had our best 10 in the raid, I wouldn’t have been the least worried, but we didnt. We had an off night for attendance and our group had a few people that were, shall we say, dps challenged. In the end we wiped because the dps was just not there, and the healers ran out of mana at about 3% hp on anub. It was really frustrating at first because I would have loved to see a double Tribute to Insanity, but then I checked the dps meters and really got pissed.

To clarify it was already a tense night because we had a bit of a quarrel in the officer forums as we were setting up groups, because (or i assume this is the case) of a misunderstanding from one officer to another. We got everyone back on the same page and calmed down, but the disruption and damage had been done. What was initially suppose to be a lovely 1 hour raid night, turned into a less that enjoyable night. I find it really weird that I am very frustrated with my guild at the current time, because we are easily and efficiently clearing all major content in a day and a half now. Tuesday rolls around and we one shot vault, ony, ToTC and all four bosses of ToTGC. All that was left were 10 mans and Anub in Hard Mode on tuesday at 10 pm. That is actually pretty incredible, and pays testament to the type of raiding core we have. In our guild, as it has been since SSC/TK, once a boss dies the first time, it is on FARM and usually gets one shot.

How can your dps be that low?

Back to the dps meters. When you looked at the meters, almost everything was in order, and looked as it should. Then I saw it. Our last place dps was below 3.5k dps, while everyone else was above 5k. Now I can understand if your dps is gear constrained, or if we are on alts, but there is no, I repeat NO NO NO NO NO excuse for pulling that kind of crappy dps if you are in 245 loot and alive the entire time. He had no other assignments, just dps the boss and do your best. Now in all honesty I think that is his best, he has a rogue and a shadow priest, and neither of his toons have probably ever broken 5k dps on a single target. This is just unacceptable for a guild of our level, and I for one really never want to raid with someone that plays that poorly. Needless to say, I had a little chat with this guy, and he pulled 1200 more dps the next fight and anub dropped like a sac of potatoes. All I can say is that I truly hate people who don’t give it their all every attempt.


My Anub’arak Unhittable Set

Anub’arak’s gear set

I finally got almost everything together and put some gems and enchants on my gear. After a bit of tweaking, it looks like I am almost there, but I need one key piece that will take a bit of farming to get. Lavanthor”s Talisman has been a thorn in my side for a very long time. I have always wanted it for a pvp set, so I could blow some people up with the on use, but now that I need it for my Anub set, I have ventured back into heroic violet hold on a daily basis to farm for this thing. When all is said and done, I have quite the interesting set that looks less than appealing, but serves its purpose.

Anub Block Set

As of now, I am two days of jewel crafting dailies to purchase the defense dragon’s eye pattern. Once that is done, I can cut my last three gems and I will be up about as far as I can go with my available gear. With everything equipped, I have 26% dodge, 20% parry, and 43% block. Add in the miss rate and raid buffs and I will be unhittable with about 35k hp and about 3000 Block Value.

Here is my Chardev set, with everything worked out. For some reason it does not show my increased benefit from potions that I get from Mixology. What I still need to figure out is do I want to sacrifice the hit that is on the T9 pants for the Wyrmguard Legplates to bolster my block rating. I guess it will all depend on whether or not I get the trinket before next Wednesday.

P.S. Gratz Meloree on the Kill… I’m still one boss behind you

EDIT: For some reason the Chardev link is acting really funny. IF there is a ring and a trinket missing from the set, the rings are the Signet of the Earthshaker and the Band of the Traitor King, while the trinkets are the Onyxia trinket and the Lavanthor’s Talisman.


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