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I need more block value!

In preparation for Anub’arak, I have started to assemble my block value set. So far its coming together quite nicely, and with my Libram of the Sacred Shield up, I am sitting at  3200 block value but still struggling to get passively unhittable. How did I get there and what am I still looking to get to augment my set? I basically looked through my bags and equipped every piece of gear that had block value and block rating on it. The problem with that is that some of the gear that I used to get to that level was from Naxx. Now we all know how defense starved the naxx gear was, but you can make up for that with gems and enchants. When I first designed my unhittable set for naxx tanking, I could not hit the defense minimum with out using the repelling charge. Now we are drowned in Defense, and we have the ability to interchange gear freely with out juggling that stat.

Assembling my set and special considerations

Even when I started looking through my bags, and equipping all of the gear that had block value  and block rating on it, there were a few considerations that I waned to keep at the front of my mind. Health is still something that you are going to need to consider, as this is still Trial of the Grand Crusader. Also, when I completed my set I was astonished to see that I went from a comfortable ~570 defense to much less! I was completely starved for avoidance. Fortunately, this is where gear sets really have advantages. I quickly assessed what pieces were from my core tanking sets, and noted that there wasn’t much, my weapon, Helm, Cloak, and Belt from my threat set, and my shield from my overall and EH set. In the end I had four or five pieces that were strictly dedicated to this set. Why does this matter?

Regemming and re-enchanting! I need to start cutting up a ton of defense gems and inserting them in said slots. Let me reiterate that statement, you want to gem EVERY slot you can purely defense. In the end the set is lacking where we are usually powerful, stamina, but the whole point of the gimmick set is that you block almost ALL incoming damage. The conecept of this fight, for those of you who do not know is that you have a tank with the ability to block on the burrowers. The “gimmick” set comes into play because of a mechanic that is currently a bit different. These adds have a stacking debuf that increases the damage that they do called Expose Weakness. As you can see, each stack of expose weakness increases the amount of physical damage you take by 25%. At 9 stacks this is a whopping 225% damage increase. The way that block works in this fight is different to most fights, and for this reason, a tank with a shield is king when it comes to tanking the adds.

If you have a Nerubian Burrowerer hitting you for 4500 damage and you block 4000 of it, you take 500 damage. Now usually the way that the stacking debuf mechanic would work is that when you have 9 debufs, the mob would be hitting you for 4500*325% or 14,625. After blocking your 4000, you would be taking a 10,125 hit. However since the debuf is applied to you and YOUR damage TAKEN, you are only taking your unblocked damage (4500-4000) plus the modifier or 500*325% or 1,625 damage. The power of block value is immense on this fight. The amount of block value you have is critical in your ability to mitigate the damage. Now seeing as I am still on Twins in ToTGC, I cannot for certain say how much that the adds hit for, however when you are taking multiple adds, it is imperative to understand that the more block value you have, the significantly less damage you will take, and the easier it will be on your healers.

Some Gear that I am drooling over for this encounter…

Obviously every shield you have will have some semblance of block rating on it. You have to find the one that has the most, and for me that was the Boreal Guard. This baby has block on the shield PLUS block rating in green, making it a powerful piece in your block value set. If you don’t have that shield, and believe me I understand if you don’t (I have had HORRID luck on tank drops for the past month), there are other choices, just look at your shields and see which one has the most BV/BR on it. On too the goodies, below are a list of some of the items that I use for my BV set. Unfortunately some of these come from long outdated instances, and if you are really looking to min/max your set, you are going to have to go back to naxx and Ulduar.

Bindings of the Hapless Prey Necklace of Unerring Mettle
Unbreakable Chestguard Shadow of the Ghoul
Dragonslayer”s Brace Handguards of the Enclave

This is by no means the only list of gear that you can use, however it is some of the best when it comes to stacking block value and block rating. If you are like my guild and have NEVER seen the Unbreakable Chestguard drop, or any of these items, there are alternatives for your set, but these will net you the most block value / rating for your set. Remember that you can and NEED to also augment your set with defense enchants if you need a bit more total avoidance.

In the end, this is a gimmick set for one boss of one instance, and its not really worth it to go farm ALL of this gear if you didn’t save it from before, however if you have it in your bank or in your bags, it would be wise of you to work on creating a block set in your equipment manager for the day when you are staring down Anub’arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader. Good luck everyone!

Clarifications and explainations…

First off, I have not completed my own set, as I am still a few weeks away from needing it, and the links in the comments are to a chardev and thread on MainTankadin, and not my own ideas. My gear set is Comprised of the following pieces of gear – T8 Helm and Shoulders, Necklace of Unerring Mettle, Shadow of the Ghoul, Unbreakable Chestguard (when i get it… Crosses fingers), Bindings of the Hapless Prey, Handguards of the Enclave, Dragonslayer’s Brace, Wyrmguard Legplates, Inexorable Sabatons, Clutch of fortification, Signet of the Earthshaker, the ony trinket and the repelling charge. Everything is gemmed with defense, except two gems to satisfy the meta. Everything is enchanted with Defense or Agility (where no defense enchant is available). When it is all said and done, I buff up to 26.3% dodge, 20.5% parry, 43% block, 10.7% miss = 100.5% which is almost there. As I said, I am personally still working on it, but very close.



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