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The demise of the not so good doctor


Tuesday night was less than eventful for our guild, walking into ICC with the new 15% ICC buff and plowing through 9/12 hard modes in about 3 hours. We had ended the raid early after clearing most of the instance with the intent of leaving Putricide and Sindragosa for Wednesday. Last night when I logged on, we had our full main raid online, and we were ready to rock. After about 7 wipes last week, we had made some major modifications to our positioning and strategy when it came to Putricide. for the first few nights of attempts, we were following the strat of most of the top end guilds in the world, however after a handful of wipes, it was evident that their strategy was not what we needed to beat the encounter.

We ended up modifying the entire fight from a strategy and positioning stand point and it immediately paid off. Our first pull of Wednesday night was a 50% wipe. That was very good for us, considering that we had seen phase 3 a few times and were normally wiping on phase 2. A few attempts later, after tweaking a few more things regarding disease management, we were looking at consistent phase three. Everything seemed to be working out and people were learning the final things they needed to to beat the encounter. We were working on a tight timeline, as two of our healers had to leave early yesterday, and we did not want to lose the progress which we made to another week of attendance issues.

With about 40 minutes to go, we pulled the boss, and were seeing phase three in the type of time which you would expect with the 15% buff, a full 4 minutes to spare on the enrage timer we were getting into Phase 3. We transitioned and I was at the door. Putricide ran all the way across the room and phase three had begun. We were three tanking it, and the stacks were piling up fast and furious. The boss was sub 10% but all our tanks were at 3 stacks already. The disease had won, and we wiped with 4% left. At this point in the night we knew we had a kill on our hands. The dps and healers had their jobs down, and it was time to add the fourth tank so that we could extend the duration of Phase 3. To clarify, it had been the officers intentions since the start to use four tanks, but we wanted to keep it to three until Phase 1 and 2 were smooth and efficient, as the increased dps during learning the encounter would help with mistakes.

We had our fury warrior go prot, and were ready to rock. After a few stupid mistakes, we were in the middle of a great attempt, down to 35% with three minutes to spare, the enrage timer was not going to be an issue. The real issue was going to be the raid dps, raid heals, and tank transitions. Off I went to the other side of the room, and slowly but surely our tanks worked through their rotation, moving the boss only for goo’s and flasks on the ground. With about 8% left, the raid damage was getting unmanageable. With about 4% left, we had lost about half our raid. and at 2% it was healers, tanks, and lingering dots ticking away.

I had run across the room with my finger over my Lay on Hands button, targeting our fourth tank and getting ready to taunt if it got too close when it happened, Heroic Plagueworks done! With the heroic plagueworks achievement and a few others out of the way, we are that much closer to our drakes!

Thoughts on the fight

When all was said and done, I really enjoyed this fight and found that there were a few things I did incorrectly at the beginning of our learning attempts, which when rectified, made a big difference. As the main tank on this encounter, you choose where the flasks go and as a result you can control where the explosion of these flasks go as well. For clarification what I meant by flasks is the choking gas:

Choking Gas – Inflicts 6,825 to 7,175 Shadow damage to players around the bombs, and reduces their chance to hit by 100% for 20 seconds.

Choking Gas Explosion – Inflicts 29,250 to 30,750 Shadow damage to players within 10 yards of the bombs, and reduces their chance to hit by 100%. Used by the Gas Bombs 20 seconds after they are thrown.

Once I created predictable places in which these flasks were going to be dropped, as well as a pattern to when and how I was going to move the boss, the damage on the melee dropped considerably, due to the fact that movement and areas to avoid were always the same. At the same time, melee was getting hit by goo a lot. Because of the fact that it was known that when I move the boss, there was a reason, when I saw a goo coming into the melee, I just prematurely moved him to a flask spot so that the melee would follow, resulting in much less overall raid damage taken.


Frostwyrms Around!

It has been a very busy week on and off the computer, so I have been neglecting my blog. However I wanted to drop in, and let everyone know that I am working on a post regarding the movement to holistic gemming as we begin to out gear Icecrown Citadel. On an exciting note, I got my Frostwyrm last night. While it is far from a new thing, and I know that many guilds have gotten the 25 man one, We were the first group on the horde side of our server to get the drakes!



Thoughts on the All You Can Eat achievement

Close down the Buffet, I’m Full!

Last night our 10 man went back into ICC 10 with the intention of cleaning up all the achievements necessary to get our drakes. What we did not count on is the fact that we filled up on RNG and were not able to make a dent in the buffet, so to speak. Sindragosa is now the bane of my existence. The night started out great, we one shot full house, swapped people in and out for gear and achievements, and got everyone everything in their meta save All You Can Eat and Neck Deep in Vile. It was around 8pm server, three hours till the raid was to be called, and we were face to face with Sindragosa. No problem, the drake was so close I could feel the nasty frost breath on my skin.


The randomness of the fight was painful and reminded me why it is hard to get a drake such as this one. Our off tank got blocked, and blocked often, we had people breaking the blocks to early, we had problems with everything you could think of when it comes to dumb stupid luck, including the tank who was tanking her getting blocked. We brought in our Feral Druid to have a safety net with respect to the off tank getting blocked. This helped a little, and with the option to Bear Up when necessary we got her sub 10% a few times. But in the end, the RNG was the end of us. Tanks blocked, blocks dying, taunt immunity, and all that comes with this achievement sent us home empty handed after three hours of wipes.

Now while I am no stranger to wiping, and for the most part had an enjoyable night, the problem with this fight is that the real difficult and stressful part does not come until 5 minutes into the fight. So you sit there on auto pilot during P1 and P2, mashing away at buttons, waiting for 35%, so that you can do it ALL OVER AGAIN.

Some helpful Suggestions

We found certain things controllable, and the last problem we ran into was taunt immunity. If we can fix that problem, we will have the fight, before they nerf it. This achievement is truly left to the RNG gods though, as one wrong move and its over, wipe it, start over, and wait another 5 minutes of 100% to 35% to try again.

Three tanks:

We used two tanks and a feral druid who was mostly kitty, sometimes oh crap bear for when the OT gets blocked. This gave us a bit of wiggle room when it came to the RNG, because the OT will get blocked, and he may even get blocked while tanking the boss. This provides for an instant wipe, because the block is too close to the boss and the raid will still get hit by the pulse of Mystic Buffet.

Divine Shield over Hand of Protection:

While some people have suggested using BoP to drop aggro when you have the taunt immunity, we found that if she was in the process of queueing up a frost breath (aka magical damage), then you will not drop aggro as you are not immune from the Breath. We tried bubble/salv combos and it seemed to work a bit better. This is the second hardest part of this fight. Because of the fact that you can only have 4 stacks, and a stack happens every 6 seconds, you have very little time to tank the boss. Essentially the time between taunts is running time to and from the block plus less than 6 seconds to clear the stack. This means that you are taunting every 10-12 seconds, placing a DR on taunt till it hits immunity.

We found that we pre-bubble / salvation so that we avoid immunity all together. At approximately 20% health, we used a bubble / salv on the current tank to have him drop below the off tank and had the tank run out to get 10 yards distance. This made Sindragosa snap to the non bubbled tank. Taunt DR reset. Unfortunately, about 40 seconds later it will come back to the point where taunt immunity is a factor. At this point, because we have to use all the tools in our toolbox to be able to kill him, if our other paladin has forbearance or you do not have the luxury of two pally tanks, we Soul Stoned our Pally tank and he DIed one of our dps, and popped back up after the all clear.

Block Positioning and running in and out:

A few things which we found necessary from the stand point of clearing the tanks debufs had to do with positioning and movement. Because of the fact that frost breath slows you down considerably, we had a priest spec into body and soul (the run fast bubble). Freedom was usually up, and I used it liberally on our attempts when trying to get to the blocks, but you only have about 5 seconds to move from the boss to behind the block, and the sonic bubble helps.

We placed the blocks at the 1 o’clock and 3 o’clock position (if you consider Sindragosa’s head 12), rotating back and forth. Additionally the tanks communicated in vent which one they were going to and when it was clear to break them. A problem that we ran into is the fact that the melee assigned to break the blocks out are not aware of the tanks stacks and when they will be falling off. As a result, when I got behind a block I would say near block (or 1 o’clock block) 4 seconds till clear. This let our ┬áret pally know that he could not break the block for 4 seconds. We had quite a few times when a lucky crit would break the block and I would get the 5th stack.

Back to the Buffet Next Week…

After about three and a half hours of wiping on this achievement, we called it for the night. We had quite a few progressive attempts where we pushed her to sub 10%, and I can confidently say that unless we are doing something completely wrong, all the stars have to line up for this achievement. We were at the mercy of RNG last night, and it pounded us hard. We are going to go back next week and give it another shot, but this will be one of those fights which will haunt our raid for weeks to come as more and more people need the achievement. I personally can not wait until blizzard fixes this achievement.

You have to love that they do not test this stuff on their internal servers, because they would have seen that these issues would happen. That, or they are ok with making a very hard achievement in which you NEED paladins because of the taunt immunity. Hopefully I have some good news for you guys next week, but as for now I am at least 6 days away from my shiny frostwyrm mount.


Updates and Aggravation

Good News First

Although I am not an achievement junkie, we wracked up a few last night that put us one week from our Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquishers (10 man drakes for clarification as I even needed to look up the name). Wednesday, our 10 man had a great night of raiding, nocking out the rest of the hard modes we needed save Putricide, Sindragosa and Lich King. Last night we two shot both sindragosa and putricide, and racked up one more achievement on our way to the drake.

The night was quite successful, and we spent more time working on how to get “Been Waiting a Long Time for This.” It took us about three attempts to figure out how to stack the debuff enough times to get the achievement. I know that there are a lot of guilds who use the strat we use normally, but the benefit of having two paladin tanks is that you can have your MT tank a lot of the dredge ghouls and not have to worry about a double enrage plus adds killing your OT. We settled on me going back to single target spec, no SoComm, and no Holy Wrath spam in order for our OT to get all the ghouls. Our Ret paladin was tasked with getting aggro on the ghouls while our OT just RD’ed off him.

After we got that small detail figured out, we got our 30 stacks, and we pushed the LK into the transition phase. The rest was business as usual, with some very quick phase transitions due to the massive dps we had and the buff that is raid wide to help us out even more. With Been Waiting a Long Time For This in the books, we are three achievements away from a shiny new toy. Next week we are going to get our last three, and be able to fly on the wings of a frostwyrm.

New Gear (sort of)

With our kills on the counter bosses in ICC 10, I picked up one of my last 264 tokens for my final gear set of the expansion. As I told my guild early on, Paladins will only use 2 piece tier 10 until we get hard mode tokens and can push it to 277 loot. Because of the way our gear is itemized, as well as the ease of acquisition of the bonus armor gear from the badge vendor, I only wear the helm and the shoulders in my current gear set. When we get tokens in 25 man hard modes, the tier gloves become best in slot for effective health. As blizzard designed the tier gear is a stepwise method of aquisition, I had to get the 251 and 264 gloves before I could get the 277 ones. With that in mind, I picked up the 251 gloves last night and then picked up a token to upgrade them to 264.

Hopefully on Tuesday, I will pick up a 277 token and have my BiS gloves which I can gem and enchant. Once that is complete, it is on to upgrading my helm, and hoping for the Gunship heroic shoulders to drop. That way I maintain my 2 piece gear set and maximize my hp a bit more. Eventually I would like to try out the 4 piece set with helm, shoulders, chest, and gloves, but for now I will more than likely defer those tokens to our healers, dps, and off tank.

Random Dailies and Poor Play

As for my aggravation, I ran my necessary random daily this morning, and ran into a lovely dk who thought he was a tank. This guy was from a guild which I assume was fairly progressed, he was sitting in mostly 264 gear, yet he did not understand the concept of a tank. He reminded me of the rogues I partied with at level 66 on my warrior in a crypts instance which were the catalyst for my re-rolling to a paladin. He had no respect for the tank and would pull things for me. Normally, It is just something that people do on accident, but after five packs of him running ahead of me and pulling things, I decided to let him tank.

He almost died, and if I was the healer, I would have let him. I asked him in party if he wanted to tank, and he abruptly went /afk and stood still. For the next 12 minutes we continued to clear the trash, and with 1 minute left on the cooldown to vote to kick, I waited in front of the last boss. The minute the debuff fell off, someone else in the raid voted to kick and we four manned the last boss.

To me, it was a simple matter of manners and respect for the tank which he neglected to comprehend. It was a frustrating set of events which could have been avoided if I just did my job, and after the fact I felt bad that I had such an “elitist” attitude against him, however it just rubbed me the wrong way. I apologized for my behavior to the other three members of my party for my stubborn attitude and left. This experience was just another thing which reminded me that I only have 106 badges to go to complete my prot sets, and then I will never have to do this again.

Looking Forward

This week we tackle the hard modes of 25 man, and will hopefully place ourselves back into the top 100 where we belong. While I am completely happy with our performance, this was once again an issue of attendance and raid nights. We should have had lich king two weeks earlier but we could not form a raid on sundays to kill him. Such is life in a guild which prioritizes a small number of raid days over cutting edge progression. I understand that we are still well within the top 1% of all wow players, I always strive to be the best, and it was painful for me to see some guilds pass us who we know we are better than. Tomorrow will bring hard modes, lots of blog content, and hopefully some interesting success stories. I had someone ask me yesterday about consumables for tanks and what I use on a daily basis, and I plan on making a post dedicated to my min/maxing of raid foods, so look for that soon.

Good luck to all of you on your raid weeks!


Happy Holidays!

I know I have been absent for a few more days than usual now but the holidays have kept me busy, not to mention trying to get all our raiding in before people left on vacation. I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very happy and safe holidays and let you know that I will be writing up a few posts on my long plane flight later today. More to come!


Another Tribute…

Mad Skillz…

Last night was a very successful night for our guild. We went into ToTGC with a bit of hesitation because of some of the changes that the 3.3 patch has brought us. However, we walked right in, and one shot everything with relative ease up to anub’arak. 50 attempts left and we were getting ready for the pull. A flawless phase 1, and the kiting began. All of a sudden it fell apart and Tribute to Insanity was lost, along with Wrathy the Grand Crusader.

Such is life, we got back in there, and went from 17 attempts remaining to 48. A marketable increase from our first kill. As usual, our guild has always prided itself on farm status the week after we kill something for the first time and this encounter did not disappoint.

Busy Busy Busy

Today was a very busy day so I do not have time for a long discussion on my thoughts about what we have ahead of us, with the advent of the daily random heroic, the three new dungeons, the need for lots and lots of badges. However, tomorrow is another day. Good luck to everyone in their ICC journeys.


The only good bug is a Dead Bug!

Anub is down, finally after a really long and difficult road, and I dont mean the attempts. I would estimate that we used no more than 100 to 115 attempts to get him down in total, but the attendance issues were very frustrating.

Call of the Grand Crusader!

And the Screenie… Gratz Crypt Friends


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