By Josh

Trash packs and you…

This is the first pull of the instance, well the second as there are two mobs that stand on the platform that is the main part of the screen shot, however this pack comes from the right side of the room, and it consists of a multitude of “The Dammed” mobs and a caster, called The servant of the throne. There are a few things that you need to know about these mobs in order to tank them properly. The Dammed explode upon death, so it is important to ensure that your dps single targets them down if you see a lot of melee dying during the trash. The other mob, The Servant of the Throne, is a caster that will periodically send out a path of frost spikes which will deal damage to anyone in the way. These mobs must be tanked facing away from the raid.

The easiest way to pull this pack is to have someone counterspell the Servant of the Throne and pull them with an AS or Hand or Reck. Once you get them in your melee range, run through them and ensure that they are all facing you, and have their backs to the raid. We AoE down all of the trash, however if your melee starts dying to exploding The Dammed’s, then you may want to suggest single target dps. Once  you have mastered this pull, it is the same on the left side of the room. Rinse and Repeat.

The First Big Pack

Once you have cleared the first two side packs, which consist of a hand ful of The Dammed and a Servant of the Throne, you will be faced with the first large pack of adds. There are 9 mobs in this pack, and they will all come at once. It is important to understand the different mobs and their abilities. There are four Ancient Skeletal Soldiers, which should just be tanked, as they do not do anything special. There are three Servants of the Throne. These will all have to be tanked facing away from the raid. There are also two Nerub’ar Broodkeepers (Crypt Fiends / Spiders).

We CC the Nerub’ar Broodkeepers as the web wraps that they put out are problematic, and AoE tank everything else, facing it away from the raid, while focusing down the Servants. In order to CC the two Broodkeepers, you need at least two priests in the raid to shackle them. If you do not have two priests, it is much easier to focus target these down first as you tank everything facing away from the fight. It is also important to note that the Broodkeepers do not have much of an aggro table and will randomly target players in the raid and web wrap them.

The LoS pull

The last room before Lord Marrowgar is tricky because there are traps in the room which activate the Deathbound Wards (the large skeletons). Because the traps are somewhere in that room, it is easiest to Line of Sight pull this pack into the previous room. This is the first time where this tactic works, because previous rooms adds have leashes which will force them to reset if you pull them past the threshold.

The Deathbound Wards

The Deathbound Wards are the big skeletons in the first set of trash packs. They initially start frozen in niches in the wall, and are activated by traps that are randomly placed throughout the floor in the first few rooms. There are four of them in total and they each have their own trap. The most important thing to know about these mobs as a tank is that they have a Saber Lash, similar to Lord Marrowgar in the next room. This means that you need to face them away from the raid, and have another tank stand with you if you find that you are dying to these mobs. The other thing that they do is periodically cast Disrupting Shout, which will silence anyone that is mid cast. You should communicate when this cast starts so that your healers and dps have time to stop casting.

More to come…


2 Responses to “Icecrown Trash”

  1. December 22, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Very nice post. I’m a beginner tank (Holy / Prot dual spec), and have since began enjoying tanking a lot, and this site has been a great help. As Marrowgar is one of the possible Raid Weekly quests, I may end up with a chance to tank him, so getting to him will be much easier thanks to this.

    Awesome post, and some nice screenshots to boot.

    Khraden (Level 80 Paladin)

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