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Avenging Wrathy is one year old!

Its crazy to think that I have been doing this for a year! Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone that has been around and reading my blog for what ever reason. It started as more of a mental dump for when I wanted to talk about gearing, gear sets, and venting, and turned into what I have been told is a great resource for people to understand about gearing and tanking hard modes. While I have had my days over at MainTankadin where i spent hours debating things with Theck and Meloree, This was my true outlet for thoughts on gear sets and tanking. Ghostcrawler said that most tanks dont care about threat stats, or have multiple gear sets, well I say you guys are wrong, because here i am and here you are! More on that tomorrow, I have a rant ready to be written to Ghostcrawler about his statements…


Happy Holidays!

I know I have been absent for a few more days than usual now but the holidays have kept me busy, not to mention trying to get all our raiding in before people left on vacation. I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very happy and safe holidays and let you know that I will be writing up a few posts on my long plane flight later today. More to come!


Out of the Office

I know it’s been some time since I have posted, so I wanted to drop by and let everyone know that I am alive, kicking, and on vacation. I’ll be out of the office, so to speak, until next week. I have gotten a chance, in the small amount of unrestricted internet I have had, to check out some of the Icecrown loot, and I have a good deal of writing material when I get home. Until then, keep on tankin’


Raid for the Cure

I have a follow up to the post I made last Friday regarding some of the Blue posts that were dropped over the weekend in the works, but I wanted to take a moment to give some very important link love. Honors has a lovely post over on his site. Although Honors and I probably share most of the same demographic when it comes to blog readers, If there is even one person that does not read both of our blogs, that is enough for me to write a brief post on this subject.


The Sidhe Devils on Kael’thas (US) are hosting a Raid for the Cure in support of one of their own being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I will let Big Bear Butt’s blog post speak for itself. The short version of it is as follows:

On Kael’thas (US), a united cross-faction walk across Azeroth will be held on Saturday, November 14th, starting at 2:00 PM Central Time (Kael’thas-US server time).

Members of both Alliance and Horde factions are invited to attend. Pink Mageweave Shirts will be handed out for all walkers, and all levels of characters will be welcome. If you’d like, bring your own shirt, or even make it a formal affair with your Festive Pink Dress!

The walk across Azeroth will not be a race of individuals, it will be a group march to show Julie our love and support.

We do want to help spread the word, and encourage donations in a cheerful way to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity, an organization that promotes information and awareness on early detection and treatment of breast cancer, and that supports funding for treatment and research towards a cure.

I normally do not feel that sharing personal real life information on a video game blog is something that is interesting, or even of merit for the target audience, however most, if not all of us will at one time or another have a loved one diagnosed with cancer. I for one have a special place in my heart for any and all people going through this situation. One of my best friends died of Stomach cancer at the age of 22, and her death sent me on my lifes path. I now work for one of the best biotech companies in the world, making anti cancer drugs on a daily basis.

I hope that Julie is able to be treated by our drug, as it is truly a remarkable and life saving substance. And, I hope that she knows that there are thousands of people that are rooting for her, even though we may not know her personal story, we wake up every morning with the passion to push the boundaries of science with the purpose of saving lives.


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