The upward climb to progression

Random thoughts after a break from blogging

I’m BAAAAAAACK! It was a long and busy month away from my blog. From the last post you could see that we were having trouble in paradise, and it was going to take a little more than a good week of raiding to right the ship. Over the past month, I sat down with a few of the other officers to write and execute a plan to pull ourselves out of the slump we were in. This entailed writing detailed descriptions and responsibilities for each officer, creating a new position in the guild to help with performance evaluation, some very key recruitment, and an overall attitude shift of the guild which I believe came from the efforts which were put in place to fix the issues we had.

A month ago, we were wiping for hours on Hard Mode Putricide, struggling to get the kills which were once on farm, and teaching a good number of the raid how to do the hard modes, since we recruited to fill the void of many of our core players leaving after summer burn out. In addition to difficult progression and frustrating raids, our leadership core was not what it should have been, and we were dealing with a multitude of issues which forced us to re-evaluate our roles, and our need for new blood in our leadership core. Two weeks ago, we had a plan in place, we had two shot Putricide this time, and we were clearing ICC 25 hard modes up to the Lich King in under 2.5 hours. We were back on track, however it was only an upward swing. I wanted to ensure that we keep the momentum going up and not fall right back down to where we were a few weeks before.

After our first stellar week of raiding in months, we identified and elected players to join the leadership core of our guild. While we did not promote them to officer, we gave them increased responsibility, and the opportunity to see what we as officers did on a daily basis. Some of them were approached, and some of them volunteered for this position, but across the board it was evident that this move was a great one for the guild. The jumped right into helping us make decisions, evaluating players, and providing suggestions for issues which we were facing.

New Blood

At the same time that we restructured the guild, and laid down a plan to fix some of the glaring issues which were troubling our guild, we picked up some old friends to bolster our raiding corps. Our main competition on the Alliance side for as long as this blog has been in existence decided to call it quits, and their best players faction transferred over to horde in order to form an elite 10 man guild for Cataclysm. Fortunately for us, they missed the casual progression of hard mode 25 man raids, and were willing to join us to raid for a day or two a week. We added an additional shadowmourne, bringing our total up to 4, and a skilled healer to the mix. They brought new eyes and fresh ideas from the alliance side.

Pushing forward

For now, I am sure I will be able to have some fuel for the blog, even though the main source of joy i got from writing here was sharing progression and gearing advice (and as that is non existent in the current version of 3.3.5) I can rest assured that there will be some progression in our guild to talk about. Sharing stories of shadow trap follies, dps on valks, eye beam cutters which proceed to nuke an entire group of our raid, etc. We have taken back up the progression banner as our guild has stabilized and have walked into both LK’s throne and Halion’s sanctum to face them on hard mode in 25 man. Here is to many new posts over the next few weeks regarding gearing theory of the shadow realm tank, a possible video of my oh so leet turning skills (with out clicking my abilities), and some talks about whether or not LK needs a hug.


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