What motivates you?

Finding motivation…

I wanted to digress from theorycrafting and paladin tanking for another short blurb on something that comes with the territory when you decide to become a tank for a guild or even more so a leader for a guild. I wanted to talk about motivation and what keeps you going when the end is in sight. I am currently having a crisis of commitment when it comes to my guild, it’s overall mission statement, and what we are trying to achieve as a collective group.

About a month ago, one of our officers came to us with the suggestion to recruit a player from TBC who left the guild and later the game for a while. We are currently in need of a few good players and he seemed to think that bringing back his friend to the guild would help bolster our ranks and reinvigorate the raiding corps with a skilled player. What transpired as a result was a less than pleasant discussion between old raiders on whether or not they wanted him in the guild. One of our officers was persistent to the point of frustration, a few of our oldest members thought it was a good idea, while one of our long time members was completely and whole heartedly against it. After weeks of people talking to all the involved parties, a picture of what people thought came to light, and his application was posted for comments from the rest of the guild.

To provide you with a bit of history regarding this person, he was a skilled player who was one of our better rogues during Sunwell. However, he had issues, which he has admitted since then. He created a rift in the officer corps between people who wanted to keep him because he was a good player and people who couldn’t stand some of the things he pulled at the expense of the guild. Fast forward two years. He has been away from the game for some time, is more of an adult, and has admitted his faults. His friends are adamant that he is a better person and would be a quality player for our raiding roster. Some of the current officer corps still is against it, some is for it. Many of the old and crusty raiders are against him coming back, few of whom still raid with us but have stuck around and always have had the best interests of the guild in mind. In contrast, most of the new raiders, who have shaped what the guild direction has become over the past year are in favor of inviting him.

What this has to do with my motivations…

I just wanted to provide you with some context as to what is going on so that you understand where this is coming from. I have over the past month acted as a mediator to this painful and stubborn debate on whether or not this player will be accepted into our guild. There are multiple threads in the officer forums about it, and there is a three page application in our guild forums which contains all positive or all negative perspectives. I personally am conflicted from a different perspective. In Sunwell I was a healer, and I was not an officer. I logged on, played, and logged off. It was a beautiful time where no one was bothering you with issues, and you did not have to worry about drama, raiding logistics, or member turn around. From this stand point, I really dont have any strong opinion of this applicant one way or another.

I remember that he made a fuss when someone else got the first glaive, I remember the fact that he complained so much he got the next two, and I remember when he stopped showing up because it suited him. But, I have also heard countless stories about how he has grown up, changed, and is a better person from trusted sources. This is why I am in the middle when it comes to his application. What pushed me over the edge, and has brought me to the point where I have little motivation to log on any more is the persistance from both sides to either get him in the guild or keep him out. From one side, there is a raider who has been a member of our guild for close to three years, and more than that, a fellow guild member of mine for 5 years, who is adamant about the fact that he will quit or step down if this person is let into our guild. From the other end is the applicants best friend, and current officer of our guild. My fellow officer has pushed this application to the point of no return, making idle threats, talking to each and every one of the other officers about it, and confronting the opposition on multiple occasions.

I personally think that this issue has stressed the officer corps enough that it has taken weeks if not months off of the longevity of the guild in WoTLK. Most of our officers are on our last legs as it is, and this has just made the problems of leading this guild even more pronounced.  I am having a very hard time motivating myself to continue to lead the guild and play the game in its current iteration. There are multiple escapes to this. I can quit the game, but I still enjoy it when I play and when I talk about theorycraft. I could server transfer and join another guild. Or, I could just stick it out. The type of person I am makes me want to stick it out, as I am very loyal and do not leave at the first sign of a problem. However, this has illustrated a glaring gap in our leadership and our guild as a whole, which forces me to want to hang my hat up. I also fear that if the guild has their way, this applicant is allowed in, and a long time member or two quit the guild or the game, that I have failed as a leader. While our guild is on its last legs, failing at encounters which should be one shots, it is still our guild. We are a shadow of the top 200 guild we were at the beginning of ICC, but we are still just as good as any other horde guild on our server.

A way out

In the end it is just a game, and if the game is causing this much undue stress, then its not worth playing, however when I am not dealing with guild issues, it is still fun. I will really have to begin to reflect on what I want out of this game to see if it is worth continuing on. If i could go back to just being a tank for a top guild, worrying about my strategy, gearing, encounter mechanics, and cooldown usage, I would be much happier. However, I have made a commitment to my guild, and I fear that if I break that commitment, I will break the guild.

/end rant


5 Responses to “What motivates you?”

  1. 1 Selyndia
    July 9, 2010 at 7:53 am

    From one weary leader to another, I fully understand where you are coming from in this.

    The situation has occurred before, and I’ve had to deal with it before. It’s not a fun one, but I’ll explain what happened then. I’ll spare you with a lot of the details; however in the end re-inviting the player resulted in nothing but trouble. They caused drama, attempted to stir up things, and pushed their own agenda whenever possible, and because the guild had caved to him once, he believed that they would again and again and started creating confrontations.

    The situation you are describing sounds to me, like you have one officer pushing a personal agenda of getting his friend invited. The officer has thrown away the objectivity required to do their role in what is best for the guild in order to do what is best for his friend. It’s a hard place to be in, because you are being forced to choose, but the situation is showing that you get to choose either your older members who are looking out for the guild as a whole, or your officer who is looking out for his friend. You will lose one or the other in any decision made, and as hard as it may sound, your officer has already compromised his position and is likely the better option to cut. His going to each of the other officers isn’t his desire for what is best for the guild, its best for him and his friend. His championing, while it might appear to be in the guise of help, isn’t; it’s a personal motivation.

    Follow the timeline as well on what will occur if you do decide to accept him. If you have the option between this player and any other, do you think the officer will back down and allow this rogue to be sat? If they have any kind of dispute in the future (And past actions show that likely they will) do you think the officer will stay out of it, or jump in to defend his friend regardless of who is right? Also, I am not certain what form of loot system you use, but if it’s any form of loot council, or there is any officer involvement, do you really believe this officer will not push for the rogue to be awarded items?

  2. 2 Sarlalian
    July 9, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Honestly, someone needs to put their foot down for the good of the guild, someone needs to say no, unequivocally no. He may have been younger, and less mature before, but sometimes you make your bed and have to lie in it. The people who have stuck around and stayed part of the guild are more important than this person who was a divisive member of the guild, and who’s application is divisive. If a person is a significant source of drama just with their application, there is no way they can be a healthy member in the guild. If the officer who is pushing for him to be allowed in, can’t accept this, maybe its time for him to go with his friend and move on to a guild that doesn’t have a history with his friend.

  3. July 23, 2010 at 8:43 am

    GM of a guild here too. I feel your pain unfortunately. What stands out most from your post is the description of how the one officer who’s championing him is going around talking to officers individually, confronting opposing guildies, IDLE THREATS! – those are all major alarms to me about the commitment of that officer and I agree that he’s compromised. In my guild – I’m very adamant that I LIKE different views from my O core, but when it comes to interacting with the other guildies – I expect them to provide a united front. The discussion should be either just in the officer forum where all officers can discuss back and forth, or there and guild chat for guild input – but not one on one with folks and certainly not with an officer obviously taking sides and being vocal about it.

    Of course I’m not there experiencing your situation and knowing everything, but based on what you said – I’d deny the rogue, discuss the inappropriatness of behavior (threats) with the championing officer, and if he blows up and fights you about it – relieve him of the duty.

    Regardless, good luck and remember guilds grow and change all the time and it’s not always a bad thing…

  4. July 30, 2010 at 1:07 am

    It sounds like undermining and mutiny to me.
    I like a benevolent dictator-style of guild leadership.

    Regardless of that…. I feel for you mate.

  5. August 3, 2010 at 9:39 am

    I’ve had a similar issue, albeit in an older game.

    Against my better judgment at the time, I allowed the “remade” former member back into our guild. As someone else said, it was nothing but drama and heartache. I learned some very strong and very hard lessons from that experience.

    First and foremost, his “friend” officer should not have pushed this issue so hard. He’s only achieved alienating people further from the applicant and from himself. But you know, I realize that everything I want to say on this… has been said by the folks before me. The whole situation is borked, and I’m very sorry that it is happening to you (or happens to anyone).

    When it comes to “he’s changed!” I am less inclined to err on the side of the person who qq’d so hard that he guilted an entire raiding guild into giving him two Glaives. That right there is a huge red flag, and indicative that he’s the kind of person used to people caving in to him, and I HIGHLY doubt that fundamental baseline nature has changed, even if he is somehow more mature. That personality type rarely ever changes.

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