Three down, one to go

This one was much easier than the last

Today when I logged on, I was bored with ICC cleared and nothing to do on my hunter since she got saved to a fail ICC, so I figured I would watch some TV and maybe look for Skoll (one of the four spirit beasts in the game currently). As you may know I have made searching out spirit beasts kind of a hobby of mine after I leveled my hunter. My first spirit beast was Loque’nahak whom I stumbled upon on my pally when I was herbing only a few weeks into the xpac. I had been searching for a long time on my hunter, skinning beasts and leveling my leather working off of the profits of my patience. I am not sure how long I had spent searching for her, but I know it was no short task.

The second of my spirit beasts, Gondria, was a long and hard road to obtain. I spent around 38 hours flying in circles around Zul’drak. I finally found her and dropped my first pet, a ghost saber, in trade for another sabertooth tiger in the form of a purple fuming spirit beast.

Enter Skoll, the Third Spirit Beast

Earlier today I had logged out flying above one of the three spawn locations for Skoll, and when I logged back in at around 8:30pm, there he was, standing right below me all shiny. So after probably a cumulative 50 hours I had two spirit beasts. And in less than 5 minutes I had my third!


1 Response to “Three down, one to go”

  1. June 18, 2010 at 2:50 am

    I gave up on all those gruddamn rares. I’m pleased that you didn’t ;). Well done.

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