Someone has Hard Mode Gas

Baby Steps

After tweeting to see what I should post about today, I remembered that Rhidach and Anafielle are tackling their first week of hard modes this Tuesday, and I thought it would be a good time for me to see if my memory can scrape together some tips and tricks of tanking some of the hard modes in ICC25 which I have not already covered. My earlier rant on the fact that Hard modes are Hard, and our first night of failure with Lord Marrowgar has that fight basically covered, so I thought I would delve into the plague wing and talk about some helpful things to make rotface and festergut a bit easier.

For the most part, these are two of the easier encounters in the instance, and aside from lootship, they have the smallest learning curve of any of the encounters. With that being said, lets not waste any more time!


From a tanking perspective, festergut is the same exact fight (at least for paladins). He employs some new tactics, but because of the fact that our threat is almost entirely based off of instant cast holy spells, one of his new abilities is negated. When hard mode is engaged, Professor Putricide shows up at the balcony to your right and begins to have some fun. He periodically throws malleable goo out which slows your casting and melee speed by 75%. As a paladin tank, this basically is a non issue, and I will never move out of it. Why can we get away with it? Well first things first, Festergut applies the same debuf to the tank as he does in normal mode, so your damage will be through the roof. I average around 8.5-9.5k dps for the duration of the fight, while I know tanks that break 10k.

So since threat is a non issue, what makes this hard? The raid damage from the gas cloud in the room is signficantly more potent, and the tank damage is nothing to laugh at when you get to the third enhale. For the most part this is a coordination fight and a healing check. Before there was a zone wide buff, it was also a dps check, as there is a tight enrage timer. With the 20% buff, the most important things to remember is that your dps and healers should avoid goo at all costs, and you have to work out a system to place the spores so that EVERYONE has three stacks when he exhales.

As a tank, you can afford to miss a spore or two, but that is because you have close to 70k HP. A dps with 20-25k will get one shot even with a hand of sacrafice. In order to do this, we used two warlock teleport portals and placed them at two key positions in the room, creating a triangle between the boss and the two portals. Once these markers are created, you place your dps and healers in a circle around the portals, preferablly with your holy paladins on the portal itself so that they do not have to move when a spore is called. This will give a predictable and visual collapse point for all spores. Spreading out around these circles and learning to collapse will be one of your first big hurdles.

The other thing that we do is have our melee constantly moving from hind leg to hind leg of the boss. Every time Putricide throws goo, it is called and the melee switch sides, left, right, left, right. This ensures that they are never standing in a green goo and get the debuf, which will decrease their dps througput considerablly. This bit of coordination seems very simple, but to get 7-10 people to move together is surprisingly hard.

Finally from a tank point of view, it is a fairly simple fight. You can skirt the edge of the room and I suggest that you do so before your pull so that you can position him correctly. I like to skirt to the right until you hit the first runeforge looking thing on the wall. This should put you in between the two balconies that are above you. When you pull run in about 4 steps to the grouping of three skulls on the ground and stop. This is where we position the boss, so that the melee has time to react to the goo being thrown at them, and the ranged has enough space to spread completely out. From here on out, it is a tank and spank, and the encounter is the same for us tanks as it is in normal mode. Just a quick side note, on normal mode, our guild tanked the boss in the middle of the room and had the dps spread out. For hard mode, that was not enough space for our portal strat, and as such we adopted the positioning that I described above.

With respect to cooldown usage, I saved my Wings for when I drop RF off, salv myself and see BIG NUMBERS! I also like to chain cooldowns for all of the third enhale portion of the fight. this means that I use bubble wall, get a HoSac from my other tank/healer, ensure my armor pot is still active or pop a new one at this time, and I also save my trinket use for this time. The one thing I will not use during the third enhale is DS/DG. I save that specifically for when he lets his nasty gas loose.  This will ensure that you take some of the raid damage away for the healers. Tomorrow I’ll see what I can do about those pretty pictures to help, and go over rotface as well….

Good luck everyone!


6 Responses to “Someone has Hard Mode Gas”

  1. June 13, 2010 at 12:15 am

    I think you might be remiss not to point out BQL as one of the most accessible hardmodes. Especially since it’s a token-dropping boss. It’s normal-mode BQL with slightly higher damage numbers and very marginally higher health. Her hp pool is a daunting 71 million – but that’s only 9 million more than normal mode. If your kill times on normal-mode are in the sub-5:00 range (even sub 5:05), 20 seconds of 16 vampire heroism enhanced DPS easily clears that 9 million health (and with a sub 5:05 kill, I guarantee your 16-vampire heroism’d dps is clearing 450k rdps). Our alt run is only 5 or 6 hardmodes in, and this one dropped very easily for us.

    Also, Wrathy, don’t undersell. You know tanks who are closing in on 14k dps on Festergut, thank you very much. Festergut, though, I concur, is absolutely a healing check. We had some issues in the alt run, where healing is much weaker than main runs, keeping the tanks alive at 2 and 3 stacks. He’s been described as hitting like he’s dual-wielding Algalons, and it’s pretty apt.

  2. 2 Anafielle
    June 13, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    “Festergut, though, I concur, is absolutely a healing check. We had some issues in the alt run, where healing is much weaker than main runs, keeping the tanks alive at 2 and 3 stacks. He’s been described as hitting like he’s dual-wielding Algalons, and it’s pretty apt.”

    Hey, Rhi! So I can still wear my threat gear on Festergut, right?!
    (Juuuuuust kidding…)

    • June 14, 2010 at 6:19 am

      Wear armor. At 2-stacks, he’s hitting for around 32k on about a 1.4 second timer, you will get hit back to back on a regular basis, you must make sure that you’re maximizing healer throughput. We found 2-stacks to be the most dangerous for tanks, as there’s still residual raid damage, so you don’t have all 5 (4, 6, 7, whatever you take) healers spamming on the tank, and you’re not covering the whole time with cooldowns like you tend to at 3-stack (~40k, 1s swing timer)

      • June 14, 2010 at 11:27 am

        I know, I know, I’ve always worn armor on Festergut hard on 10. I was kidding. 🙂

        I usually prepot an armor potion and pop another one when I take him back. I’ll assume that’s what should be done on 25 as well. Love my armor potions…

        Interesting to hear that about 2 stacks, will definitely keep it in mind.

  3. 5 Anafielle
    June 13, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    And – wow, 13k dps! The best I’ve done was less than 9k on normal Fester, and that was with hero post tank swap too. I need to step it up. (I have always had way, way too much fun being Festergut 1st tank…)

    Thanks for this post, Wrathy! And for the comments Meloree! I remember BQL being about lootship level of difficulty on 10, and it’s good to hear that the 25m hard mode is about the same in terms of the difficulty change.

    I am pretty damn excited to hit these hard modes – I’m still counting down the hours until Tuesday. I think it’s the most excited I’ve ever been about any raid. I can’t wait to see what my illustrious MT/RL and the rest of my raid can do with all these new fights! 😀

  4. June 18, 2010 at 2:56 am

    Thanks Wrathy. We’ll be starting 10-man hard modes this week, with our usual casual but highly-researched attitude, so appreciate these tips.

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