Updates and Aggravation

Good News First

Although I am not an achievement junkie, we wracked up a few last night that put us one week from our Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquishers (10 man drakes for clarification as I even needed to look up the name). Wednesday, our 10 man had a great night of raiding, nocking out the rest of the hard modes we needed save Putricide, Sindragosa and Lich King. Last night we two shot both sindragosa and putricide, and racked up one more achievement on our way to the drake.

The night was quite successful, and we spent more time working on how to get “Been Waiting a Long Time for This.” It took us about three attempts to figure out how to stack the debuff enough times to get the achievement. I know that there are a lot of guilds who use the strat we use normally, but the benefit of having two paladin tanks is that you can have your MT tank a lot of the dredge ghouls and not have to worry about a double enrage plus adds killing your OT. We settled on me going back to single target spec, no SoComm, and no Holy Wrath spam in order for our OT to get all the ghouls. Our Ret paladin was tasked with getting aggro on the ghouls while our OT just RD’ed off him.

After we got that small detail figured out, we got our 30 stacks, and we pushed the LK into the transition phase. The rest was business as usual, with some very quick phase transitions due to the massive dps we had and the buff that is raid wide to help us out even more. With Been Waiting a Long Time For This in the books, we are three achievements away from a shiny new toy. Next week we are going to get our last three, and be able to fly on the wings of a frostwyrm.

New Gear (sort of)

With our kills on the counter bosses in ICC 10, I picked up one of my last 264 tokens for my final gear set of the expansion. As I told my guild early on, Paladins will only use 2 piece tier 10 until we get hard mode tokens and can push it to 277 loot. Because of the way our gear is itemized, as well as the ease of acquisition of the bonus armor gear from the badge vendor, I only wear the helm and the shoulders in my current gear set. When we get tokens in 25 man hard modes, the tier gloves become best in slot for effective health. As blizzard designed the tier gear is a stepwise method of aquisition, I had to get the 251 and 264 gloves before I could get the 277 ones. With that in mind, I picked up the 251 gloves last night and then picked up a token to upgrade them to 264.

Hopefully on Tuesday, I will pick up a 277 token and have my BiS gloves which I can gem and enchant. Once that is complete, it is on to upgrading my helm, and hoping for the Gunship heroic shoulders to drop. That way I maintain my 2 piece gear set and maximize my hp a bit more. Eventually I would like to try out the 4 piece set with helm, shoulders, chest, and gloves, but for now I will more than likely defer those tokens to our healers, dps, and off tank.

Random Dailies and Poor Play

As for my aggravation, I ran my necessary random daily this morning, and ran into a lovely dk who thought he was a tank. This guy was from a guild which I assume was fairly progressed, he was sitting in mostly 264 gear, yet he did not understand the concept of a tank. He reminded me of the rogues I partied with at level 66 on my warrior in a crypts instance which were the catalyst for my re-rolling to a paladin. He had no respect for the tank and would pull things for me. Normally, It is just something that people do on accident, but after five packs of him running ahead of me and pulling things, I decided to let him tank.

He almost died, and if I was the healer, I would have let him. I asked him in party if he wanted to tank, and he abruptly went /afk and stood still. For the next 12 minutes we continued to clear the trash, and with 1 minute left on the cooldown to vote to kick, I waited in front of the last boss. The minute the debuff fell off, someone else in the raid voted to kick and we four manned the last boss.

To me, it was a simple matter of manners and respect for the tank which he neglected to comprehend. It was a frustrating set of events which could have been avoided if I just did my job, and after the fact I felt bad that I had such an “elitist” attitude against him, however it just rubbed me the wrong way. I apologized for my behavior to the other three members of my party for my stubborn attitude and left. This experience was just another thing which reminded me that I only have 106 badges to go to complete my prot sets, and then I will never have to do this again.

Looking Forward

This week we tackle the hard modes of 25 man, and will hopefully place ourselves back into the top 100 where we belong. While I am completely happy with our performance, this was once again an issue of attendance and raid nights. We should have had lich king two weeks earlier but we could not form a raid on sundays to kill him. Such is life in a guild which prioritizes a small number of raid days over cutting edge progression. I understand that we are still well within the top 1% of all wow players, I always strive to be the best, and it was painful for me to see some guilds pass us who we know we are better than. Tomorrow will bring hard modes, lots of blog content, and hopefully some interesting success stories. I had someone ask me yesterday about consumables for tanks and what I use on a daily basis, and I plan on making a post dedicated to my min/maxing of raid foods, so look for that soon.

Good luck to all of you on your raid weeks!


1 Response to “Updates and Aggravation”

  1. March 8, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    If I can offer some unsolicited advice about hardmodes:

    Deathwhisper, Gunship, Rotface, Princes all amount to “free loot”. Depending on raidwide DPS, Festergut and BQL aren’t much harder. Depending on your healers ability to do more than stare at Grid, Valithria is also very easy.

    Deathwhisper and Saurfang take some learning. On a limited schedule, it may be wise to skip them your first week through. I certainly regret the time we put into them our first week – simply because due to attendance plus connection issues, we lost our last two raid days, and ended up 4/12 week one when we could easily have been at 7/12 or 8/12 even while missing those two days. That said, both fights were made significantly easier with the buff. DPS-overhead fights always self-nerf very quickly with DPS upgrades.

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