A weekend wrapup

Repeated Success

There have been a few interesting developments over the past week that merit some discussion, but the most important to us was the 10 man ICC raid we ran last night. While Sunday is normally a 25 man raid night, the Canadians winning the Gold Medal game screwed up our chances of killing the Lich King in 25 man. On Wednesday we showed some very successful progression on Lich King. We got him consistently to 40% and saw a few very good attempts sub 40. The problem became fatigue and lack of concentration towards the end of the night. With our guild still sitting at 11/12 on 25 man, we are feeling the pressure to kill this final boss.

After we realized that we did not have what it took to go and fight Lich King, we formed our 10 man ICC group and stepped back into the instance for some hard modes. It is nice to see that this week was much smoother than last week. While improving our tally on hard modes, we also one shot most of the bosses in the instance, with a few two shots and one three shot. Four hours, 8 hard modes, and 12 bosses later, we had cleared the instance and were happy that the raid week was over. In addition to the lower spire, Festergut, Rotface, and Dreamwalker, we added blood queen to our list. As we regroup and come back next week, we will be looking to clear out everything we can and get a few achievements closer to our drakes.

Blood Queen was somewhat of a pushover on hard mode. There were no game changing mechanics which were implemented, and the tank damage was quite managable in full armor gear. While I probably outgear the encounter, buffing up to 43k armor, it seemed like the tank damage was trivial. We wiped once to death in the air phase, and then came back and one shot her. The fight, from a tanking perspective is exactly the same as the normal mode.

A new challenger enters the ring

This past week, our server saw a transfer guild take over the number one position. A guild named Bad News Bears, from Kel’Thuzad transferred over. While they say that it is because of the server lag, and older hardware, and that they hope that their move to destromath will help them with their progression, I can not seem to understand or figure out why they really transferred over here. We are a launch server, which has been upgraded from a mouse in the CPU to a Chinchilla. Tuesdays bring 4 second lag inside ICC and the lack of ability to kill bosses until after 8 pm. This server can not be any better than the other servers out there, as we have joked many times about going to a new server to solve the lag problems.

While this new guild has brought an element of elitism to the alliance side, and will more than likely effect the dynamic of some of the middle tier guilds, I don’t feel that we will see much change on the horde side. CF is still the best guild on the horde side, and with the exception of some people who wish to waste RL money for a faction transfer, we will not see much shift in talent. This new guild, who is now deep into hard modes on 25 man, has brought back the type of management dynamic that Crypt Friends has fed off of for years. We dont like being the target, we dont like having the pressure of having to race for server firsts. While it is fun when it happens, it is very stressful on the officer corps, considering the fact that we only raid two days a week.

As we push forward now, there will be less of a stress on getting it down now or else. We feel that we are a solid horde guild and can continue to raid at our pace and stay in line or ahead of other horde guilds, but now we don’t have to worry about the other guys (crisis) and if we got a boss before them (which most of the time we don’t).

A shameless Plug

While I do not think that this is the greatest forum for this, and for the most part my blog is very specialized to end game protection paladins, I feel the need to do a little self advertising. It seemed to work for Rhidach, so why not give it a shot. Most of you who come here often know what type of guild I tank for and help lead. We are a progression centered guild who values quality over quantity. We raid two to three nights a week and clear the instances at top 200 pace. We are looking for a few good men or women to fill out our raids. Ideally you could be a shadow priest with excellent skills, a warlock, or a resto druid. We are looking for someone who is deep in ICC, and is looking for a main raid spot (making 90%+ attendance rate). Apply at www.cryptfriends.org today, and to show you how silly we actually are, I am going to quote our “almost famous” warrior MT from Sunwell and his post on our realm forums….

You know you want to see me tank in person, so that you can tell me I talk a big game, but actually suck!

The long arm of the recession has reached across America and into the realm of Azeroth, crippling the server of Destromath. Raid repair costs are at an all time high, guild drama rates have skyrocketed, hard working raiders work harder to progress less, and inequality runs rampant from the shores of Desolace to the mountains of the Hinterlands. However, there is a solution…


Yes, its that time again! We are accepting applications….

Raid repair costs burning your gold? NOT HERE

At Crypt Friends, we strive to give our members financial freedom. We will work with you to provide guild funded repairs on progression nights, and eliminate those outrageous repair bills you are currently racking up during your wipefests in your current guild.*

Guild drama rates weighing you down? WE CAN FIX THAT TOO!

Our guild was established in 2005, making us the most qualified guild on the server to minimize your in game drama rates. In Crypt Friends, we have provided a fun, low drama raiding environment since the days of Molten Core in WoW vanilla, and we won’t stop there ** Join Crypt Friends today, and we guaranty drama rates as low as 4.5%!!! WOW!!!

Hours of raiding crushing your spirits? GET YOUR LIFE BACK

Tired of spending 6 hours a day, 6 days a week wiping on Flame Leviathan? Well, that won’t happen in Crypt Friends! We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 6:30-11pm PST, allowing you to focus on more important things in life, like leveling an alt, doing daily quests, running 5 mans, and dating girls***

Officers discriminating your toon based on nationality? PSHAW!!!

We don’t discourage our minority members. In fact, Crypt Friends has a PROVEN record of equal treatment dating back to 2005, including even Canadian guildies! We don’t discriminate against you just because you are Canadian**** and therefore inferior. In fact, we celebrate your quirkiness Our actions have even inspired President Barrak Obama, who said in his inaugural speech:

“I vow to take a Crypt Friends-esq approach to inequality in this nation by providing opportunities to build bridges between our citizens.”*****

Guild at the bottom of a google search? SHOOT TO THE TOP!
Crypt Friends the guild is the top site for web surfers that search for “Crypt Friends” on
Google ****** Catapult out of obscurity and into fame and notoriety

Join Crypt Friends today .We have the president on our side. You should too.

Apply at http://www.cryptfriends.org

*Amount available for repairs is equal to the amount donated to the guild bank.
**We probably will stop there if the lore sucks, or at least I will.
***Not really. Lets be honest, girls are evil. They made us eat the forbidden fruit. They are not to be trusted. Stick to WoW.
****Equality clause does not apply to French Canadians. Take a shower and L2English.
*****President Obama did not really say that. I totally made that up. In fact, he has no idea who we are, and probably could care less. But if he did know about us, he would probably say that.
****** Right behind “cryptfriends bite”. Seriously though, help us make it to the top. That is just embarrassing.


4 Responses to “A weekend wrapup”

  1. 1 Kaelandros
    March 2, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Don’t you raid in the mornings…. “two to three nights a week” doesn’t seem to fit that…

    • 2 Wrathy
      March 2, 2010 at 11:04 am

      uhh, we raid from 630pm to 11pm server time. Unless you are in Australia, then we do not raid in the mornings…

      • 3 Kaelandros
        March 2, 2010 at 12:27 pm

        Perhaps simply a miscommunication on the forums then. Given Matrimms reply I just assumed he was bad at time conversion. Lol.

  2. 4 Vorian87
    March 2, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Good luck with the recruitment 🙂

    and Good luck with the progression race!

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