Icecrown Trash Explained

I finally got to uploading Screenies!

I wanted to let everyone know that I finally uploaded the screen shots that I took in the last ICC and have a mini explaination for each of the trash packs so that you can better understand what to do when faced with problems. I will continue to improve upon the post and add difficult trash packs as they appear throughout the instance. Good luck!

Link to the Icecrown Trash Thread

P.S. I found this in my screen shot folder, and I just felt like saying what up! Brutallus on 5/13/2008. I’m the wings on the right hand side…


1 Response to “Icecrown Trash Explained”

  1. January 2, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Really nice write up on the Trash explained. Have done some rep grind on my Shadow Priest in there so seen it all before understanding the trash packs to first boss. Yesterday farmed some reps in there as Ret dps and topped the meter and after loss one the tank ended up OT tanking on my Paladin with the other tank filling in so the strats for trash are right on.

    I know a Rogue can spot the hidden traps, just wondering if there is any other way to spot the traps that works like maybe Hunter Flares maybe or another?

    As Ret I found Repentance works quite nicely to CC the Brood Spiders in the large pack pull. Unfortunately in the one farm run we did multiple run everytime I dropped Repentance on the spiders someone AoE almost immediately broke it and spider goes loose. Sucks! But a good CC option if you don’t have multiple priests to Shackle. So many class can AoE they probably break Shackle too. Anyway good strat write up.

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