Another Tribute…

Mad Skillz…

Last night was a very successful night for our guild. We went into ToTGC with a bit of hesitation because of some of the changes that the 3.3 patch has brought us. However, we walked right in, and one shot everything with relative ease up to anub’arak. 50 attempts left and we were getting ready for the pull. A flawless phase 1, and the kiting began. All of a sudden it fell apart and Tribute to Insanity was lost, along with Wrathy the Grand Crusader.

Such is life, we got back in there, and went from 17 attempts remaining to 48. A marketable increase from our first kill. As usual, our guild has always prided itself on farm status the week after we kill something for the first time and this encounter did not disappoint.

Busy Busy Busy

Today was a very busy day so I do not have time for a long discussion on my thoughts about what we have ahead of us, with the advent of the daily random heroic, the three new dungeons, the need for lots and lots of badges. However, tomorrow is another day. Good luck to everyone in their ICC journeys.


2 Responses to “Another Tribute…”

  1. December 11, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    Wow, grats! That’s an awesome turn around in attempts needed to kill something. At least you finished at 48 attempts left, the loss of Insanity probably would have been more crushing if you finished at 49.

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