The Door Boss and Icecrown Citadel

The door boss has crit you for 1 hour

The patch day has come and gone, and after looking back on the night, I am quite impressed with how well it went from a stability stand point. I would have to say that for our server personally, this was one of the smoothest major patches I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I still remember the opening of the gates with AQ 40, (even though it wasnt actually the patch day) and how crappy the servers were. I remember Ulduar, and the door boss. We would get 20 people from our raid into the instance while the other 5 were sitting at loading screens. I remember servers going down every 15 minutes because of one thing or another. Last night, the server was up all night, and with the exception of the door boss, everything went smoothly.

When I logged in last night, I was surprised to see the server so stable. We started up the raid group and I tried to get into the instance so that we could seed it and start piling up in there to get ready to kill some new bosses. I was hovering high above Icecrown Citadel on my drake when I logged in because I did not want to get stuck in an endless cycle of logging on and disconnecting because of the sheer volume of people in Dalaran. I flew down to the instance portal and ran in….

All I saw was a loading screen with no blue bar! It took us nearly an hour to give up and check on the 10 man instance. We had sporadic people in the 25 man instance, but most of us could not get in. At the same time, we kept receiving messages that Crisis, the best guild on the alliance side was in and killing bosses already. We made an executive decision. 10 mans or bust. We split our raid into two 10 man groups, reluctantly leaving out some of our main raiders. We had such a showing that we couldn’t get everyone into the 10 mans. While 20 of us zoned into our respective instances, the other 15 were blindly running in and out of the instance portal trying to get into the 25 man.

Lord and Lady who?

Marrowgar was a pushover in 10 man, you didnt even have to avoid the whirlwind or the flames. The damage was negligible. We had a harder time with learning the trash, than we did with the first boss. I will have to say that I love the fact that most of the mobs are undead because my Anub’arak spec was kicking butt. 15 second Holy Wraths and SoComm were tearing up the TPS and DPS meters. After we figured out the trash, which we unintentionally AoEd most of it at once down, we stepped up to face Lord Marrowgar. One pull later we had shiny purples and we were about 5 minutes ahead of the second 10 man group (I know because Elayn, our DK tank, who sits 3 feet from me was in the other group and I kept looking at his screen).

The two officers in our 10 man assessed the situation and decided to plow onto the second boss, while the first 10 man killed the first. So on to Lady Deathwhisper we went. The 10 man version of this fight was disappointingly easy, we were done with the second boss before the first group finished up Marrowgar. Mid way through the second boss, we got news that the people that were not in the 10 man groups had gotten into the 25 man instance. So with a few new 251 purples in our bags, we headed off to clear the first wing of ICC.

Normal Mode impressions and loot!

After seeing the trash on the 10 man version of the instance, we were a bit better prepared for what was to come. In 10 man we had pulled multiple big guys at once, and we didnt want to make that mistake in 25 man so we started out with an ample amount of crowd control. This quickly gave way to an AoE fest, and once again pulling two big guys at once. It was still easily manageable, and we survived with the raid standing. Even after killing Lord Marrowgar in the 10 man instance, I was surprised at how quickly he died. However, he did take a small piece of Crypt Friends with him in his last percent, ME. With about 1 percent left, I was backing him out of the raid after P2, and I got ahead of my off tanks. I got Saber Lashed for about 55k (1k overkill), and ended up with my face in the dirt. This tells me that on Normal mode at one point you will be able to single tank this.

Before I was resurrected, our raid leader was asking over vent, “Wrathy who do these go to?” I have to admit I wasn’t really paying attention to loot, I was looking at what killed me and If i could have done something to survive it. I looked at the loot that was linked and did not recognize anything. Of course I wouldn’t, because I have never seen the gear in this place. After a quick glance, I picked up some shiny new bracers and we headed off to the next boss. For those of you who do not know, we run a DKP system for loot distribution, however we loot council (aka Wrathy-council) tank gear.

Lady Deathwisper and Empowered Adds…

So far we were one for one on boss kills in Icecrown Citadel. We marched up to Lady Deathwisper and pulled. Everything was going fairly well, but the adds were not dying fast enough. I had assigned too many people to damage the mana shield. We were plowing through the shield, but the adds were getting out of hand. A few of them got empowered and our DK went down. Wipe number one of the night in the books. After a bit of talking, we found out that it wasn’t the empowered adds that were causing the most problems, but the single spawn at the back stairs that was getting to the healers and distracting them. We had tried gripping and silencing the add that appeared there, but it just wasn’t controlling the adds that spawned there enough. We ended up having a third tank for the back adds. I feel that if I was a warrior, it would have been a different story, but my lack of interrupts made it really hard to pick up all the adds.

The next pull went much smoother, and before you knew it, we were in phase two. The tank debuf was interesting, and I am glad to say that you can taunt the boss, but aggro was still a bit of a problem because we first thought we could not taunt the boss. I can only assume that the first taunt we tried was a miss and not an Immune. After that small issue, we had another boss down and more epics. This encounter would set the pattern for the night. One wipe to figure out some small part of the encounter that we were unaware of, one kill.

Call me the Rocketeer!

We moved on to the Gunship Battle after clearing some more AoE trash. We CCed the first pack only to find that they hit like kittens and pulled the next pack as if we were back in Naxx. I personally had assumed that the lag boss would get the best of us and so I didn’t do any research on the last two bosses. I spend some time reading the information that was available on this fight, and then explained the fight to the raid. Ironically as I told the raid some of the mechanics, I was on such an auto pilot, I was not paying attention myself. First pull and I let the stacks on bronzebeard get too high. One wipe, then one kill. This battle was kinda boring from my PoV. I tanked bronzebeard  till 20 stacks, retreated until the stacks wore off, then repeated. That was it.

Deathbringer Saurfang

We got off the gunship and started the Saurfang encounter only to be presented with a one minute speech for the lore junkies. While a lot of people enjoyed it, I don’t really care for lore at all. I already can tell that I am going to hate this fight when we are doing it on heroic, and not because of the encounter, but the 1 minute of yapping before you can pull. It is like ToTGC all over again, talk talk talk….

We pulled and we were doing fine until the first set of adds spawned. The blood beasts were aggroing on our resto druid and not making it to the frost traps. Even after this set back, we got him to about 7% when someone said something in vent about his health. Our dps immediately got tunnel vision and stopped killing the Blood Beasts. This started a chain reaction of events that ended up wiping us. Healers got aggro and started dying, our DK tank subsequently died, and I had the Rune of Blood. Needless to say, people quickly got marked and he got healed, A LOT. After we got our required one wipe in, we walked back in and promptly killed him. The chest was opened, and we had the same beautiful loot that we did on our first anub kill, DOUBLE VANQ. Stupid vanquisher….

Well this one got pretty long, but I have to say that it was Tuesday night and we were done with ALL progression fights, 10 and 25 man. Back to ToTGC for us tonight, and hopefully Mad Skill / Insanity (Gasp) and some Conqueror tokens or a shiny new weapon and ring.


7 Responses to “The Door Boss and Icecrown Citadel”

  1. 1 Visionhunter
    December 10, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Could you give us a tip or two how to bring down the 2 big skeletons in the first hallway (pre-Marrowgar)? We’ve spent 2 hours last night trying to bring them down, trying various tactics and ideas. We’re an experienced raiding guild and we have been farming totc10 for a week or 8 now, so the gear and skill are definetly not the problem.
    What strikes me the most is that we seem to be the only ones who’re having problem getting to the first boss.
    Advice please!


    • 2 Wrathy
      December 10, 2009 at 3:06 pm

      There are a few things that you can do, but to understand what approach to take, I need to know why you are unsuccessful. Is it because your tanks are dying? Are your tanks dying from lack of heals, or just getting hit too hard. Can you successfully clear that antechamber before you pull the two big skeletons, or are you getting them along with the other trash.

      Our biggest problem with two was the fact that they have a cast which sends off an AoE interrupt. This can play havoc with the healers if they are trying to play catchup and get caught locked out of their healing school. This can be solved by having the tanks call out the cast. It should give the healers ample time to stop casting and wait for the AoE.

      If you are pulling everything at once and get the big Skeletons with them, it means that you have taken too long to kill the adds in the room. The skeletons are linked to traps on the floor that have a timer for release (or so we are assuming about the timer part). There are two things you can do to combat this. The first ensures that you eventually kill the bone guys, giving you rep, the other allows you to get through to the boss.

      Pulling the pack by LoS helps a lot. That is what i have been doing in 10 man, and that way you get them and your raid out of that room. Once you do that you are free to CC and DPS down all of the adds that start in that antechamber. At that point you have to option of triggering the traps one at a time and getting the Skeletons, or you can have your rogues disarm the traps and walk right by.

      Hope this helps…

  2. 3 Visionhunter
    December 11, 2009 at 3:16 am

    Thanks a lot for the reply!
    We’ve have indeed been too slow with bringing down the adds in the first chamber. None of us have noticed any traps on the floor though.

    The reasons we wiped:
    A. Friendly NPCs aggroing the remaining trash while both our tanks are busy, causing this trash to wipe the healers/ranged DPS
    B. Tanks not getting enough heals (apparantly due to the interrupt effect you described). (Fighting these two skeletons is a real pain if you don’t have any room for mobility (due to remaining trash))

    Considering the trash packs, we still had 2 spiders and 2 casters on the stairs leading to the second room at the moment the large skeletons spawned. Whenever we engaged the large skeletons (after wipe nr. whatever) a large group of friendly NPCs barged in and aggro-ed the remaining mobs on the staircase, causing us to wipe again.

    My questions are:
    – what can we do to prevent the NPCs from ‘helping’ us?
    – Where are the traps that trigger the spawning of the skeletons? Are they completely avoidable if you clear the room quick enough?
    – “Pulling the pack by LoS helps a lot. That is what i have been doing in 10 man, and that way you get them and your raid out of that room.” Do you mean out of the first room and into the second or out the first and back into the hallway? We had a lot of problems with ‘evading’ mobs whenever someone ran back into or stayed back in the hallway.

    If I understand you correctly, what we should do is aggro all the mobs in the first hallway and DPS them down in the second along with anything stacked in there…? Or aggro the entire first room without triggering the traps, THEN nuke them down?


  3. 4 Wrathy
    December 11, 2009 at 10:53 am

    Where to start…

    You will evade bug the mobs in the first room if you LoS them into the starting room. This is probably “working as intended” because you would bring them all to the NPCs and they would not need to be tanked or dpsed and as a result someone could take massive advantage of rep farming. I know Brekkie from Blood Legion is already exalted using the farm the trash and soft reset method.

    As for the trash packs. We liked to CC the Spiders with Chains (assuming you have two priests in the raid) and focus target down the adds one at a time. This is more important on the first few packs because some of the adds explode when they die. For that reason, AoE is not advisable if you are wiping on the trash.

    I guess I will write up a formal post on the mechanics of the trash packs and how to handle them, but for now, I kind of forgot all of the packs and the mechanics. When I get in there this weekend on my alt I’ll take some screen shots and notes to compile a post.

    For now, all I can suggest is focus down the adds to make the pull go smoother, and CC as necessary if you get the big guys. You should be able to tank all of the adds if you get one Big guy, as long as you call out those interrupts and plan accordingly, but it gets more difficult as the number of adds increases.

  4. December 16, 2009 at 12:52 am

    I’ve done some rep farming in there my self on my new Shadow Priest and almost at friendly.

    In our trash farming pug we had issues with at times the big bone skeleton ward spawning and at other time they didn’t seem to. Something triggered them. Eventually found out that their are “traps” in the rooms and on the ground that activate the big bone skeleton wards. Seem the traps spawn in different locations randomly but located on ground. Only a Rogue can see the traps and a Rogue has to disarm them so done activate the skeleton.

    The big Spiders on the stairs in the trash pack can be CC and Shackel does work on them since I did it a few times. The big spiders like to web people and it’s annoying to get webbed. If you get webbed someone has to break you out to get you put quick.

    I think it’s the Mage bone casters in the mid room trash pack with the spiders and before the boss that needs to be single dps and who explode for damage on death. CC also work on them Mage casters too.

    The big bone skeletons I think they do like a 3 sec cast of a AoE Demo shout spell that locks out a particular school of magic being casted. So if you casting and you see the big bone skeletons casting the Demo spell just immediately stop casting. They got me a few times with that till I figured out what was locking me out on spell casting and had to wand for like 8 seconds the duration of the spell lockout.

  5. December 16, 2009 at 1:02 am

    Oh and the name of the big bone skeletons that activates are called “Deathbound Ward”.

  6. 7 Visionhunter
    December 16, 2009 at 6:44 am

    Thanks alot all!
    We’ve managed to get to Lord Marrowgar (though we didn’t down him), and with pulling only one Deathbound Ward (Rogue’s own fault).
    I think we were simply overconfident the first night, as we simply barged in and pulled half the room in a single go (succesfully). When the Ward spawned, we were immediatly overtaken by them. With both patrolling the room, and with some casters still up in the back of the room, we had no chance of continuing that night. The second time however, things were looking alot easier than before. We downed all trash up to the stairs before our trap-spotting rogue accidently set of a Spirit Alarm which triggered the Ward. We simply picked it up and nuked it down with no trouble whatsoever. We cleared the rest of the trash and just avoided and ignored the Spirit Alarms remaining.
    All in all, the trash is simpler than it looks, as long as you
    … you should be fine.

    So no need to write a ‘ICC trash-guide’ or anything, it’s all fairly simple if you just follow the above tips.

    Once again, thank you Avenging Wrathy and others for the help! 🙂

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