Blizzard revisits old encounter mechanics

As if the hard mode version of the Anub’arak encounter was not challenging enough, we seemed to run into even more problems over the past few nights of attempts. We finally got a raid together to get back into ToTGC. For the past three to four weeks, we have just let Anub’arak fester with more 48-50 attempts left on the counter, and people were getting frustrated. Attendance seemed to be at a new low for wrath of the lich king standards, and even though multiple guilds disbanded for similar reasons over the past month, recruitment was spotty at best. Then, we finally got the people online, in the raid and ready to go, and it seemed like blizzard started patching 3.3 a bit early.

The return of a brutallus mechanic

For those of you that never had the pleasure of fighting Brutallus pre nerf, it was quite an encounter, healing was extremely stressful, and dps has to be at the very top of their game, and tanks dropped like flies. Most guilds’ first kills were after the enrage timer, ours was with all of our holy pally’s bubbled and taunt bouncing him with RD. As if Sunwell was not already perfectly tuned for the top end guilds, which I believe it was, Blizzard introduced a new mechanic to the game.

Brutal PWN – Brutallus targets multiple raid members and instantly severs their connections to the blizzard servers, causing them to disconnect.

The last two nights of Anub’arak attempts were littered with this mechanic, most prevalently by one of our disc priests mid phase three and our main tank in the phase 1 to phase 2 transitions. Every attempt at some point during the encounter, our tank would disconnect. And, every attempt with in the first minute of the phase three transition our disc priest would disconnect. The tank disconnects were painful but we could recover from them with tricks, salvs, and pro grips of extra permafrost when anub burrowed right on top of the patch where the add were being tanked by yours truly. It was quite a bit harder to survive the encounter when one of your two disc priests disappears when he is needed the most.

Needless to say, last night was riddled with painful wipes deep into phase three. While we have plenty of attempts remaining for the rest of the week to get him down, it seems as though blizzard has decided that this will not happen. our best hunter, our best druid and one of our best priests seemed to downgrade their computers and internet connections with in the past few weeks, and we have been suffering as a result.

Coming up next…

I know that I was suppose to work on gear comparisons for all of the Icecrown loot that is going to drop in the next few weeks, but I got side tracked by the EH calculator and raiding. Really I think that calculator will provide all of the answers that are needed with respect to the bonus armor versus set pieces debate. We shall see where today takes me…


1 Response to “Blizzard revisits old encounter mechanics”

  1. December 2, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    For us, the disconnect bug always hit on Thorim 25. We’d pull, and without fail, 3 people got DCed. It was always three people. We’d wind up in a holding patern going out of our way to not kill the initial adds as we waited for the players to relog.

    As for wiping on Anub, Kyth had an epic one over at stratfu.

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