Just My Luck

I did not have much time to play last night because I took my dad out for his birthday, but the one thing that I did get to do was the Headless Horseman event. Now while this event is easy, and quick, it is quite frustrating from my point of view when it comes to getting the Seasonal Meta Achievement. I am stuck with three achievements to go, two of which can more than likely be completed before the end of the holiday. However the third, and most difficult one is the Sinister Calling.

Sinister Calling

As you can see I am having some problems with this particular achievement. Now I don’t really run the headless horseman encounter on a daily basis, as I raid from log in to log out on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I don’t really log on that much on some of the other days of the week, but I have had four chances so far to go out there and pick up these items. My first time out there, the Sinister Squashling dropped and I lost the roll. I was ok with that, it is part of the game, however last night really rubbed me the wrong way. I was running with a few guildies and a few pugs, and summons after summons, nothing but crappy rings. After the 5 summons that you get from your party, we started bringing in alts. One after another they came in, summoned and relogged.

My turn finally came, so I logged on my hunter, and for the ONE encounter that my hunter was in the instance instead of my paladin the Helm dropped. Man blizzard must hate me, first no cloak, trinket, belt, or neck for Months of ToTC, now this slap in the face. Well needless to say I will be doing it every day this weekend and hoping for the best.

Anyone else out there feel that the random drop rate (which is quite low) is really not how most of the seasonal events should work. I know that brewfest originally required all 12 drinks from the brew of the month club, but now that the y have changed that, why cant they change this?


2 Responses to “Just My Luck”

  1. 1 Radric
    October 23, 2009 at 11:54 am

    Be sure to trick or treat at the innkeepers whenever you can. Both items can show up in your treat bag.

  2. October 23, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Took me two years to get that achievement. Got the pet last year and finally go the helm the other day. Now, to get toothpicks…

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