Hard mode is hard, take 2…

My guildies have found the site, whether by their own ingenuity or by the fact that I let it slip on the forums that I have a blog. Needless to say, I am going to have to start bashing them a bit more so that they clean it up!

Anub’arak is a kitten, but his adds can kiss my hairy bean bag

If there is one thing that I can take away from last nights raid, it is that I suck at add management. One add is a joke, two is not to bad, three is difficult, but four is down right impossible for me at the current time. Its not so much that I can not pick up four things, but it is that I can not pick up four things with out them going on the healer, having to turn my back to one of them, get the on the permafrost in time, and stun them. I personally do not even want to see the parses from last nights debacle, but one thing is for sure, I either need a lot of help from my guild mates or I need a lot of practice.


The night as a whole was great, ToTC 25 man normal finally decided to drop the Legionnaire’s gorget, which I passed to our other tank (quite painfully I might add). And, other than that more dps loot! Why do I like dps loot? Well the more dps we can do the less waves of adds I have to pick up on anub and the closer we are to killing him (very far away p.s.). When we went into heroic trial, we hit a small bump in the road during Northrend Beasts, wiping once because we had our main dps dk go frost and tank. While he has picked up a descent amount of tanking gear, I was not ready to see him still sitting in T8 4 piece.

With the beasts wipe behind us, we cleared all the way to anub, not before I picked up a nice 258 Pride of the Demon Lord which easily replaced my Cloak of the Shadowed Sun for my effective health set. Staring at this ugly blue bug, I cant help but use that old gem of a line from Starship Troopers – “the only good bug is a dead bug”

Yeah I know, I know, it has been beaten to death by the WoW community, but I still love that cheesy movie and I cant help but think about it every time I see Anub’arak. On to the fight. After a lengthy explanation about the differences in the fight, and handing out assignments, we were ready for our first pull. I had my unhittable set on, elixirs and agility food, and was ready to go, or so I thought. We pulled, adds spawned, I died.

Don’t turn around!

So I turned around, big deal. Well actually it was, I was taking tons of unmitigated hits, and hating every last one of them. I believe that my problem stems from the fact that I am not properly prioritizing my pick up order, but that was a thought that came to me during the drive to work this morning, not last night during our 10 or so attempts. I was picking up the two adds on the right side and getting misdirected for the two adds on the left. What this leads to is that the two from the left inevitably are behind me when i start backing the adds onto the permafrost. This is the positioning and pulling that I was using last night. The red lines are adds I should be responsible for, and the green lines are adds that the hunters are MDing to me, p.s. I am the Blue Circle (MS Paint Son!)

Old Anub

After a lot of thought, what I would ultimately like to do is pick up the front left and right adds, and have the farther ones MDed to me. What this does is allow me to get to the permafrost as the last two adds are still running at me. The problem that I would run into is that even with the MDs, sometimes the adds would get on someone else. We were stacked up on Anub’arak and still I was usually missing one. In my new strat, I am going to swap which ones I am responsible for and it will look like this…

Anub Pull

Hit rating, What Hit rating?

My second problem came from the fact that I have such an abysmal hit rating that my holy wrath is missing and shadow steps are a plenty. For the attempts where I did manage to get all 4 adds on me, on the permafrost, and good to go, we had one of two problems, the dps was not good enough and i would still have an add or two on me when the second set spawned, or the shadow steps would get off and just destroy some healers. Now we were short on rogues last night, which probably was one of the reasons that I wasn’t getting all four adds right off the bat, and our raid comp was less than perfect, but at the same time, I always pride myself on making up for others.

I really don’t know what to do about the hit rating, and I assume that to continue to wear this set, you have to deal with it. I know my job is not to be the primary interrupter, but at the same time, I cannot help but feel 100% responsible for every wipe last night. The one thing that I can do is improve on pickups and my positioning, however what I can’t do is do everything by myself. Holy wrath be dammed, hit rating be dammed, I will be better and we will kill this bug.

The Death of yet ANOTHER guild

Although progression for progression’s sake is the number one reason that any guild should be pushing the envelope, we as a guild have another motivation for pushing anub’arak as fast as possible. In the past few months, the best guilds on our server have imploded. It all started with Algalon. The number one guild on the server was having a lot of trouble with the concept of quality raid attempts (or so I would assume), and a bunch of their core leadership departed the game for good. As a result, CSM, a top ~100 US guild from Ulduar times was no more. Because of this, the number one Alliance guild (Also at the time top ~100 US from Ulduar) stole the title for best raiding guild and kept progressing.

About a month ago, Awaken, the aforementioned alliance guild, faction transferred to horde, as there are two alliance guilds that are capable of end game progression on our server, and about 7 horde guilds. Recruitment pools are important for keeping hard core guilds together. The started to gobble up all the raiders on the horde sided, and yet they were still having attendance issues. Over the past two weeks, they ended up losing their Protection Paladin / officer to a server transfer, and that was more than likely the last straw. The decided on Monday that they would no longer be a “raiding” guild, opening up the number one spot on the server for who ever kills Anub first.

Now as much as server firsts are only bragging rights, and this one doesn’t get you a title or anything, our guild still has a thirst to prove that with an attempt counter we are better than anyone else out there on our server. We don’t raid as much, as we are a quality over quantity guild, but when we do raid, we are good. Each boss (save Anub) has dropped in less than 20 attempts, and we pride ourselves on that. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our fourth birthday is coming up in 2 days. We are by far the oldest and most stable raiding guild on the server. In the end, I believe that the push on Anub’arak will have special meaning for some of us, and for others just a satisfying kill to a very very hard boss.


3 Responses to “Hard mode is hard, take 2…”

  1. October 21, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    Good luck 🙂

    I quite enjoy this fight, it’s definitely the best of ToC (in my opinion).

  2. 2 Kenji
    October 22, 2009 at 12:28 am

    I see you Wrathy! I much enjoy your blog, and we WILL SEE Anub dead.

    I am impressed at my earth shield target, you are very well spoken.

  3. October 31, 2009 at 1:17 pm


    Nice to see a fellow Destro Pally from a long time guild like ours on the Alliance, Fates Hand. I too have experienced, befriended, raided with, and talked with many of our elite progression guildies on Destro whether in /w or in person at Blizzcon in the past (more CSM guys at Blizzcon).

    I also share the guild leadership and raid leadership for our guild, and can say that the quality of the raiders is less but the availability is more. As a result, the abilities of the guild today, to me, are less than in Sunwell since the gear is much easier to come by, however the years of tank experience, for example, isnt. How i miss the days of Brutallus and the executed heals and timed taunts and CDs. Heck, even Kalecgos took an extreme amount of skill to perform the fine tuned dance to succeed.

    Our guild is still progressing on TotGC 25 HMs now, and actually beginning to progress faster now that the students are all back in school with their schedules optimized, and they have a few reps under their belt. It has been a challenge though with the timing of the content patches and the expectations that others have when key players are on summer vacations or moving back to school.

    Good luck to CF, and I will look for you somewhere, sometime and give you a /wave.

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