I love the beer…

Brewfest is great!

I have really enjoyed brewfest this year. Over the past four years that I have played this game, I really never understood the holiday events, the quests, the rewards, etc. But earlier this year I got hooked on the Midsummer’s Festival achievements, not because I love doing achievements, but for the GOLD! I found that on both my level 80 toons I could make tons of gold running from town to town talking to an NPCs! I did the entire thing twice. After that, I was hooked to any seasonal event that gave you free repair bills. Brewfest was a different type of beast. Having traveled to Munich for the actual Oktoberfest, loving the Movie Beerfest, and overall drinking lots and lots of beer in my life (yeah i know they are all different and only connected by alcohol), I had a certain affinity to getting drunk and doing stupid stuff in game. Last night was my final hurrah for my paladin. Most of my guild mates teased me for taking so long, but I am not someone who has the luxury of doing dailies every day, as I work all the way up until raid invites, and I dont really log on much on non raid days.

But, I made it, and I am now a brewmaster!


I think the things that I enjoyed the most about this particular event were the fact that everything you did seemed to be thought up by someone who was drunk and wanted to share in the merriment. I mean lets be honest, drunken dancing, ram riding, pound your beer and throw the mug at some dwarf, throwing up if you have too much, etc, etc. I have to say that I totally enjoyed my time in college, and I did my duty as a college student of personally putting some Coors executive’s kid through college, but I have grown up and dont really feel the urge to drink a lot any more (unless its a horrific night of wiping). However, this festival brought out the college kid in me, I wanted to go the the fridge, crack a cold one, or two, or ten!

Enjoy it while it lasts, you got 3 days…


1 Response to “I love the beer…”

  1. 1 Andrew Phule
    October 5, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    I enjoyed Brewfest as well. I think of all the World Events, it’s the most fun, simply because it’s based on a holiday with that same purpose.

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