Paladin Threat Nerfs and Recent Encounters

After the long weekend with no posts, you would think that I would have a vast plethora of information and exciting news to talk about but, alas there is not really anything of serious note. Instead, I figured I would go over some of the things that have happened in the past four days, namely Trial of the Grand Crusade, Onyxia, and Paladin Class “Tweaks.”

Faction Champions Hard Mode

Last week, on the heels of two shotting both Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus in hard mode, we spend a glorious 48 attempts wiping to a cleave comp of the faction champions hard mode. We had the priest, resto shaman, and resto druid as healers, mage, shadow priest and hunter for ranged, and the rogue, dk, warrior, ret pally for melee. Needless to say the combo was not nice to our clothies. After 48 attempts we are closer to our goal, however still have a bit to learn. The first major difference that we noticed is that the healers are quite a bit more potent and cannot be tossed aside to blow up a dps. The combination of three healers on your focus target is enough to completely equalize a bloodlusted group of dpsers. Our kill order as a result was the Priest first and then the shaman. Once we got two healers out of the way we agreed that the largest threat was now the melee.

The rogue was our top priority, as the shadowstep, wound poision, and massive damage were killing our clothies very quickly. The CC rotations on all of the remaining champions is essential to success. We had a combination of warlocks, druids, mages, shamans, and rogues, using every crowd control trick they had to ensure that the NPCs were locked down as much as possible. We noticed that having a multitude of death knights helped immensely on the melee with a chains of ice death grip rotation. In the end, our guild is making notable progress on our attempts, originally we were wiping before anything was killed. After quite a few attempts the priest died, and as we have progressed, gotten used to the style of the encounter, and the need for rotating crowd control to avoid diminishing returns, we started killing more and more of the NPCs.

As of now, our best attempt has 5 NPCs down, and our crowd control and focus dps tactics seem to be slowly working, and I feel like its time for them to die so we can push on to the Twins. On a similar note, our guild has had some of the worst luck with drops in ToTC. We have yet to see the cloak, neck, or trinket, and we have only seen one belt. Times are tough for the tanks of Crypt Friends.

Onyxia – Whats old is new again.

After downloading the patch yesterday, I logged on and found out that we were heading right to onyxia. Much to my surprise, there were a handfull of people in our raid that had never done the fight. As some of you know, I was a warrior tank in vanilla wow, and enjoyed tanking ony every week, so last night when I was tanking ony, it was very reminiscent of the old days, minus the fear break. Really from what I saw, ony is a loot pinata, and the only changes that they made to her were that the large adds spawn and join the battle during phase 2, requiring two tanks for the encounter.


Threat and survival nerfs

I was a bit concerned about the nerfs to both our threat and our survival going into our hard mode attempts last night, especially since I have less than adequate hit in my effective health set (63 hit to be exact). However after a few boss fights in my effective health set, I am confident that although I no longer have an insurmountable lead in threat over our dps, I am not in jeopardy of threat capping our dps. As for the survival / effective health nerf to Ardent Defender, It seemed like I was getting hit a bit harder in those low health situations, however my healers did a good job and not really letting me get that low until it was a wipe. Overall, I dont necessarily think that the nerfs were needed, however, with them going live, they were not substantial enough that we will be running to grab our pitchforks and torches.


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