Hard Mode Loot Shocker!

Two posts in one day?!?!?!?!

I wanted to drop a quick note on a mostly unrelated topic to my previous post. After killing the northrend beasts on hard mode last night, our officers were surprised and disappointed to see that there was no token of the grand crusader (e.g. t9 at iLevel 258), just another trophy. The rest of the loot that was on Icehowls body was sweet, sweet 258 loot, however the token was a normal 245 piece. I was truely unaware of this fact, and as such had not planned on picking up any more trophies or badges since I would be getting priority on the 258 tokens.

Alas, it will be back to badge farming for me, since I should finish out my T9 set. Legs, Chest, and Helm to go, I will be spending a lot of time in heroics in the coming weeks getting as many badges as I can. Since I only run the daily on the weekends due to my work and raid schedule, i will be getting 6 badges a week from heroics, 30 badges a week from the 10 man raids, and 18 plus badges from the 25 man, I will be just shy of a piece a week. It looks like I am going to have to do a heroic on a week night and sack it up.

Tier 9 Break down and my priorities

Let’s take a look at the remaining T9 pieces I have to get and what priority I should place on them. There is really no preference when it comes to ease of obtaining them, since they all cost a trophy and 75 badges, so the selection will be purely based on stat allocation and what I am looking to augment right now (survival). The three pieces are as follows:

Liadrin”s Faceguard of Triumph Liadrin”s Breastplate of Triumph Liadrin”s Legguards of Triumph

If you look at each of these pieces, you will notice that they each have a great strength to them. The chest is a direct upgrade from the T8 chest, and gives you quite a bit more stamina and avoidance. To me this is the nicest piece by itself, however when evaluating what I am lacking, this is tied for opportunity cost of upgrading the slot. The helm has the same stats as well, with a very nice change from Block Rating to Block value. The pants have a healthy amount of hit on them and are tied for the most stamina. They would be a no brainer if the saronite plated legguards did not have so much bonus armor on them and there wasn’t a great upgrade from Jaraxxus. In the end though, I would rather go for the four piece with the Helm, Shoulders, Chest, and gloves, so the pants are a no go other than a threat set, and as such will be my last pick up.

Looking at the helm and the chest then as my possible upgrades, there is a chest upgrade from Northrend Beasts Hard mode, and there really is not another option for a helm. In addition, the wasted itemization of shield block rating on the T8 helm, you are gaining more with the helm. So it goes, helm then chest.

In the end, its up to you to decide what is the next best piece of gear for your current gear sets to augment your stats, or fill a gap in stats.


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