Hard Mode is… well… Hard!


After going into 25 man normal mode and killing everything in one attempt, including the new Anub’arak, I was not sure what to expect from the hard modes that were to come. Anub’arak was quite the fun fight, and seemed like it would be a pain in the heroic version, but the normal version was quite enjoyable. After we cleared out the normal mode trial and got all of our shiny free epics, we took a small break and hopped right back into the hard mode 25 man instance.

Holy crap the bosses hit hard! Although, survival was not the issue really. As I have been reading from most people, the coordination of the poison and fire debufs as well as over all dps are the issues that are crucial to killing the Northrend Beasts. This seems like a very legitimate gear check for an instance, and I am quite happy to say that we will not see a pug doing a single hard mode for quite some time.

I really don’t have much else to say about the encounter, although from my previous post, I will say that I was left with repair bill, and not some shiny new epics. Thats too bad because I had my helm enchant, meta and epic gems patiently waiting in my bag for a sweet new face guard. I guess I will be using my badges on some minimal upgrades so that I can put my very best foot forward tonight when we go back in.

This encounter seemed like a dps check and a raid awareness check much more than a tank check, but it definitely took a high level of gear to survive.


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