Twins, Loot, and more Loot

What to do next…

Not to sound like the broken record that is every other protadin’s blog, but I would like to talk briefly about my 10 and 25 man Coliseum raids last night before getting to the meat and potatoes of this post, which is what do I do with my Emblem’s of Triumph. I got home last night from work, logged in and got into our raid. Another week, another instance, only this week had a few new twists to it. First off, we had yet another new boss in the Coliseum, we had Crusader orbs in the bank, and we had an extended lock out in Ulduar so there was no clearing of the beginning of the instance to put us to sleep.

The night of raiding in the Coliseum was a mixed bag. We had a lackluster showing of main raiders due to various issues in real life, and as a result had to make multiple dps respec to their healing off spec. After we were all settled in to the coliseum, the fights started to fall like dominoes. Northrend beasts – Cake, Lord Jaraxxus – Joke, Faction Champions – Eas….


Holy crap, we had a lot more trouble this week with the combination that was given to us. The enhancement shaman was raping our healers, the rouge was destroying our dps, and the healers were just not dying. Well to give us the benefit of the doubt, our mass dispel on the pally was off due to the fact that we had an offspec healer, and the crowd control was subpar due to the our raid makeup, however excuses are still excuses. We came back in with a better attitude, and a different kill order Pally – Enh shaman – rogue – Druid – Holy Priest – Warrior – Hunter – Spriest – Deathknight – and Lock. I was a cleansing savant! I doubled the next person in cleansing, my Hand of Protection and Freedom were on perma-cool down, as was my Lay on Hands and Divine Sacrifice. No one died, and the boss dropped free loots.

Now comes the fun part, new bosses with out real raid strategies, and one or two videos at max on youtube. On our first attempt, we lost a quarter of our raid to a slow switch during dark pact. We still managed to get the twins down to 10% with about 4 heals going off before the enrage. Came back and killed them in just over the speed kill time. Twin Valkyrs – Easy…

Our main tank core and loot

I would say that the biggest problem that our tanking core has is that we are too selfless. As I have discussed before, our tanking core is very tight and we do not really have a main tank. We all attempt to gear ourselves equally and we have similar philosophies in gear sets. This provides for a unique problem when tanking loot drops, who gets the piece of loot? Well in most guilds, dkp is the ultimate decision maker, and in the end it would be for us, but since Tanks have priority for any loot they want for main spec. We usually handle all the gear by having a brief discussion in our tank channel about who could benefit the most.

Well last night, we had multiple pieces of tank loot drop and it got to the point where we were pretty equal in 245 gear and all pretty indifferent (we all wanted the loot but were all willing to pass). The Belt of Bloodied Scars went to a roll off as we all had the Indestructible Plate Girdle, and the pants were given to our DK since I am not that big on Expertise and our warrior had them. In the end we all walked out of there with a piece of loot. The pattern for the Bracers dropped and I got those crafted with some Crusader orbs from the guild bank. In the end we were all happy, but it is a unique situation to be faced with four tanks that are really not loot whores. If anyone is the biggest sponge when it comes to loot, it would be me, but none of us really ever say, I WANT THAT!

What to do with my badges now?

While on the topic of loot, I have gotten my ring and libram (which is sexy), and I am quite happy with my stats as of now. Fully Raid buffed I have about 47.6k hp, 31,000 armor, 33% dodge and 21% parry. I was eating hits like a champ off Thorim hard mode at 14 stacks and loving every minute of it. However, I have reached a dilemma that I didn’t think would happen. I do not know what to do with my badges now. I could pick up a trophy and spend some badges on a piece of tier gear, however it almost seems like it would be better suited to go to a healer or dps class that will need it for hard modes. Since our guild gears our tanks first, I don’t know if it is beneficial for the guild as a whole to give me a trophy if I am going to get the first piece of conqueror that drops off every hard mode.

If I do pick something up, it would have more than likely been the shoulders, however last night i picked up some shoulders out of the 10 man Coliseum, boosting yours truly back to best geared tank on the server. (And it wasn’t because our server is behind in progression, it was just that much more 226+ gear). Now I am thinking that maybe I would get the gloves, seeing as the shoulders would be less of an upgrade now. Decisions to make and hard modes to kill…

Extending the Raid Lockout!

Off to ulduar – tonight is our night for General hard mode. Three guilds on our server have passed us up in the rankings because of the General nerf. We had been lacking the players to do any hard modes, and so we brought some alts and killed the bosses on easy mode just for the chance at some piece of loot that someone may want. The advent of the raid ID extension has saved us from the steady decline of attendance throughout the week. Tuesdays we have to sit people but Wednesdays we cant fill a raid, and if we push the raid back, even fewer people show up on the weekends. Now that we have extended the raid ID, we have a full night of general hard mode ahead of us…

Wish me luck (although the mindlessness of ret spec on the General encounter is a joke)


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  1. August 27, 2009 at 10:53 am

    It’s funny you mention loot and your tank group. I have the same issue with the warrior tank in my guild. We basically try to stay even (with some healthy competition, of course) so there’s often a lot of “you take it” “no YOU take it” going on.

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