Trial of The Crusade Loot

Last night my guild did as we always do on a Tuesday night at 6pm, open up invites, select our 25 man raid, and head off to our progression instance. Now to say that Trial of the Crusade is progression is only to indicate that there was a boss that we had never killed before in there, however the difficulty level of Lord Jaraxxus was just as disappointing as the Northrend Beasts. One shotting new content isn’t really what I signed up for Blizzard!

On a different note, as tanking officer I was faced with a difficult dilemma in gear distribution last night. The Trophy of the Crusade gives us our Tier 9 (item level 245) gear, and deciding who gets the token has become a bit of a puzzle. Our guild has always and will always gear main tanks first. I have never really had more than 1000 dkp, and am usually in the negative for most of the time, however I am fourth overall on earned. Everyone above me and a few below have 3000 plus dkp.

For the first time in our guilds history the tanks were not given priority on tier pieces, and not because we dont think they deserve them or that they are worthy upgrades, because they are, but because both MTs took some time off this past week for personal reasons and are behind in gathering the necessary 45 and 75 Badges of Triumph needed to purchase these items. Most of our raiders have been doing the heroic daily every day to get as many badges as possible.

I also have to make the decision now of looking over the sweet ring and nice avoidance libram for a tier 9 piece. What has a better opportunity cost, the T9 upgrade in shoulders, to get rid of the SBV / SBR T8 ones I have on currently, or the ring?

I personally don’t care much for the new system of badges and tokens = gear. The lack of availability in conjunction with the increased number of items that are bought with them makes gearing for progression difficult. Part of me just wants to wait for the hard mode in three weeks, but part of me knows I need to farm the daily heroic as much as possible so that i can at least get a few more pieces of iLevel 245 gear before we walk into the heroic instance.

Speaking of item level 245 gear, I picked up some sweet loot last night on both the Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus!

Forlorn Barrier and Dawnbreaker Sabatons

The difficult part of picking up these pieces is how they fit into my sets. As I have learned in the past, side-grades are more often than not upgrades for another set, in this case EH. I also lost a Dragon’s Eye gem by replacing my crafted boots. My plan is to pick up the T9 shoulders next week and socket them with a 51 stam gem, but until then, do I run with only two DE’s, or do I waste a Dragon’s Eye gem for the second half of Ulduar?


1 Response to “Trial of The Crusade Loot”

  1. August 12, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    It is really weird having to go from turning in a token and getting a piece of tier to winning a token… and running the daily heroic/raiding for a week or two to get enough emblems to buy a tier piece. I like the flexibility, but the waiting, it is the hardest part.

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